parental problems?

anyone who has tried to purchase a more expensive unicycle had there parents say that it was a waste of money or something?
and if so what are some good things to say to sway them to say oh…well that is a good idea!

my mom was kinda iffy on it, but she knows how much i love to uni =p and then i showed her lots of videos of ppl doing trials and told her if i do that with the one i have no its just gonna brake and would spend more money fixing it then we would if we just buy a new one that will last, and now she seems like she doesnt mind spending about 300 dollars for a uni for my b-day =p

My mom bought me a bedford hardcore… :thinking: :smiley: … just tell her that without the right equipement you’ll get hurt

yeah my mom said unicycling was stupid. when i first started riding in 1959…

course i had my own job by then she just didnt approve… kicked me out of the house told me i was to old to be living at home

Get a job.

lol, i found that most of the parents that i know of my friend who unicycle, they think unicycling = circus\clown, but once they see how much of a sport it is and not just some “circus act” they start to open their horizons of it, on of my friends dad actually started learning how to uni with him so thats pretty kool :smiley:

i just told my mum that my kh was worth $500 and that it was a good price for it, and she finally said that it was cool and she didnt mind, then wen i was two days from gettin it, i told her the price and she sed she wouldnt have nething to do with it :frowning: but soon afta i got it, she didnt mind hehe

i then just explained that it would last longer than any other uni known, coz of the strength, so that helped i guess

My parents initially thought that 100 bucks for my CX was a stupidly high price for “half a bike”, as they put it - but since I paid for it, they let me do it, and now that I’ve still stuck with it, they think the 260 bucks I want to pay for my DX is reasonable. :smiley:

haha, i take it most of you guys are young…

try telling your parents you just dropped 5 grand on a turbo kit for a car, and for the sole purpose of making the car faster…

telling them you spent 300-500 bucks on a unicycle is alot easier. HAHA

my advise, do well in school and parents are more willing to let you do things for the “fun” of it. as long as you keep up with your chores and school work parents seem to be ok with most everything.

or tell them u either spend the money on a uni or on drugs.


Questions for you so we can give better answers:

  • “More expensive” than what unicycle? (how much)
  • Whose money?
    • If their money, you really need to make a good case
    • If your money, what else is that money supposed to be used for?
  • Why do you need a new unicycle?
  • What kind of unicycle?
  • Do you have a job?
  • Do you get O.K., decent, good, great grades?

My parents never bought me a unicycle (I started when I was 17).

same here…my parents bought me a bike when i was little and i got another bike when i out grew mine for christmas. as for the unicycle, i’m 20 years old and i just kinda came home with it LOL they looked a little surprized.

they just tell me to wear a helmet, and be careful. (i fractured my skull about 5 years ago on a bike…)

Yeah i’m with j5isalive-
Your parents shouldn’t care as long as you buy your own stuff, and wear protective gear. If they do simply say you could just as easily get your kicks out of Drug habbit. Mine have not cared what i do as a hobby, or what i spend all my money on… which is probably a good thing

My brother has always been into circus stuff, and my parents bought him a beginner unicycle for christmas. I learned to ride and quickly got a beginner uni too. One day my brother taco-ed his rim to hell and shortly there-after I seriously bent my axle. This kind of showed we needed trials uni’s, and they were totally OK with it.

Tell them it’s that much less you have to spend on drugs.

My parents never bought me one either and I started at a young age. I found creative ways to “build” unicycles from standard tricycle (or bicycle) parts.

Back then, even if I could have convinced my parents to spring for a unicycle there were really only two choices. A schwinn that would need to be ordered from the local bike shop or a troxel(?) from the Sears catalog. I was so enamored of the Schwinn that once I had my own money I bought one and then one more and then… until I’ve probably owned 10 or more different Schwinns.

Anyway, count yourselves lucky that there are a wide variety of choices to beg your parents for (even if they deny you).


i was using an old second/thrid hand no name unicycle that was falling apart under me
i asked for a nimbus 20" uni for my bday my mum didn t want to get it e but then i told her that the old unicycle would break and i would hurt myself so i got some 661s aswell :smiley:

That only works if the parents aren’t paying for the drugs or uni. If they’re not and they still think it’s stupid then just tell them to go to hell.

well lets see it is my money I have never had my parents buy me a unicycle, my grades are decent I don’t have a job this will be my 2nd unicycle…right now I have the 05 torker Dx and I am getting the united with profile hub and my parents are being stupid but I just orderd it soo they will never know

I doubt your parnets are that dumb…and you’re probably gonna get busted, and then grounded…not a smart move