parading trials!


tomorrow is my towns christmas parade and i’m gonna ride my dx in it! I plan on doing some 180 unispins there not perfect but it might impress the crowd.

My uni will look totally cheery! i got some small garanld and a little battery operated christmas lights! P.U.C. former owner eddy will i think do the same thing to his yuni 20 in. freestyle.

hmm we might be able to do a wheel walking two man road block… i’m not too good at wheel walking yet but it’s easier with someone to hold on to.

I think he said some other peaple might ride with us but he wasen’t too shure…

lol he’s gonna wear a santa hat and i’m gonna wear a reindeer like… clippy thingy… i don’t know how to explain it, but it has bells on it!

lol well should be fun


My town’s christmas parade was last week. I wanted to ride in it, but was too late in applying. apparently though, there was another unicyclist in it. Who is he???

lol kast week wasen’t even in december! well thats cool i guess i’ll try to post pics when i pass by mom!:o :roll_eyes:

I was just about to make a thread on the same thing but then I saw this.
I’m in my town’s parade tomorrow(today?) too! Ridin’ ma KH yo!