Parade & Unicycle Basketball

Some time ago, there was a thread on unicycle basketball and parades. Our
club borrowed the idea and successfully rode in two recent parades (last
one just this afternoon) playing basketball in the street as we followed
our float down the parade route. Our float was a decorated haywagon with
the backboard and hoop mounted high on the back rack. The kids who are
just learning to unicycle either rode on the float and threw candy or
walked alongside and handed out club fliers. All had a blast!

Couple important points that we felt worked well:

  1. I rode toward the back of our group and was in communication with our
    driver via two-way radio. That way, I could monitor the safety of our
    kids and start and stop our unit if someone wanted to get on or off
    the wagon.

  2. We explained that the space between the van and the wagon was the
    danger zone. No one was allowed in that space for any reason.

  3. Kids could use the back corner for a quick mount up aid but no one was
    to ride next to the wagon ahead of the rear tire Some kids did ride
    parallel with the wagon but only out a ways by the spectators and
    never ahead of our unit.

  4. We had a couple kids that weren’t able to freemount, yet wanted to
    ride in the parade so two parents walked behind the basketball players
    to help kids back on top when needed. I appreciated the parents
    helping out and the kids appreciated the opportunity to ride with the
    group. Sure made them feel like a part of the club.

  5. We carried a 5-gal. jug of ice water on the back of the float that
    came in real handy! The water was gone by the end of the parade.

The crowds loved us especially when Ben and Max were able to slam-dunk
from their 5 footers. We played up the crowds quite a bit and had them
chase basketballs for us. We’re looking forward to next season’s
parades already.