Parade trophy

hey Ya’ll

Tonight I was presented a plaque by the Watkinsville City Council for the 2005 Christmas Parade, Judge’s Choice Award.

Thanx to Chad (bugman) and Jeffrey (munipsycho) for driving up from Atlanta (in the rain) to ride with us. That’s Chad in the Santa suit. I’m on the yellow Chopper.


Prize Winners 2005.jpg

Thats cool, I rode in a forth of July parade with Evan and we won something but Evan was too lazy to pick up our prize.
I didn’t know the chopper had a fender too:)

congradulations, glad to see there are many other unicycles riding in santa parades. you guys even beat out the others.

Congrats. Are there closer-up pics of the chopper available?

Spencers a filthy liar.

What the crap Evan, any time I say anything you call me a liar.

I think tht might reflect what he thinks of you.:smiley:

Thats awesome, got more pics of the chopper?

Hes lying.

No clown suit? :thinking:

Here is a pic I took before I recovered the seat in Tiger Fur.
I’ll run out and take a pic later.


Wow, thats an awesome uni :slight_smile:

more chopper pix;
Tiger fir seat
close up of wheel and pedals