parade tips

Ok so i was asked to ride the uni in out homecoming parade. Lately i have been only riding muni and not trying any tricks so i cant really do any tricks. i was thinking that i would just ride around down the street and go in circles. do some hops and some idles. also i have 2 weeks so i was going to try and get some more tricks in my bag. i was thinking 1 foot riding, backwards riding, and maybe crankflips. does anyone have some tips for riding in parades. and any suggestions for simple tricks that the crowds would like.

what HS do you go to?(i ask cause im located in metro detroit)

im riding in my HC parade too.

jsut ride, do some wheel walking if you can and be happy :slight_smile:

I would try to learn some 1 foot riding and maybe rolling 180s :smiley:

In parades there’s a lot going on, and your audience may not pay too much attention to the details of what you do. “There’s a guy on a unicycle!” is what most people will be thinking. If you do a crankflip they probably won’t see it. One of the best parade tricks you can do on a regular unicycle (non-giraffe) is jumping rope. But it may take a while to get comfortable doing it so you may or may not care to learn that. They also like juggling, though in my experience I’ve gotten bigger audience response from picking up my props than from the actual juggling. So you could drop your hat or something, then pick it up.

Also you can be funny. If you don’t have any tricks you want to do, try looking at one part of your audience while riding at a different section of the crowd. Then make a last-second quick turn and look all surprised. On my big wheel I could do just that for an entire parade. The people on the opposite side of the street from where you’re doing it never get tired of that one.

Or ride right up to the people, stop and then go backwards, making it look as hard as possible.

Or put a hip flask in a paper bag and pretend to be riding drunk. Bad taste perhaps, but people think it’s funny.

Yeah, I would say a rolling 180 to fakie riding is a very simple crowd pleaser.

I go to brighton high
yeah i was thinking crankflips would be hard to notice with everything going on. so i think ill focus on 1 foot riding and backwards and the rolling 180 i can do it static but not rolling yet.

parade tricks sure to please

ride crazily flailing your arms making it seem unicycling is hard (picture how many 6 year olds are there)

ride backwards

a ‘simple’ 180, no need for the rolling kind

hop over someone

wear a funny costume…

remember…you aren’t impressing unicyclists, you are impressing ‘joe-blow’ and being on a unicycle is almost good enough…probably ‘is’ good enough as there is probably a horse in front of you and a man in a tiny car behind you

another thing…i just solved your trick issue.

can you hold a bag of suckers in one hand, and toss out suckers in the other hand while you ride poorly? if so, you will be the unicyclist they will be talking about for weeks

yeah i could toss candy if the school allows it

^^^What he said - X2.
Can’t go wrong with the “outta control” riding. Throw candy!!

My parade story. I’ll keep it short.
San Antonio Texas, Fiesta Week.

I just finished up with a day of street performing and was going to take a bus back to the house I was staying at for the week.

I walk my heavy prop bag and giraffe to the bus stop I had been using all week. Sign on the stop says the bus stop is unavailable due to a PARADE that day. Next stop is two miles up the parade route. :astonished:

So I start trying to wade through the crowd who had gathered for the parade. Darn near impossible to get through all the people with all my stuff.

And here comes the parade…

So I jump out into the street, mount my giraffe, prop bag over the shoulder, and ride AGAINST the parade, two miles to the bus stop I needed. I smiled and waved the whole way, and no one said a thing.

If there’s a horse in front of you it opens the opportunity for another fun trick: horse-poop-slalom! It works like this. You spot some horse droppings ahead. Pretend not to see them, but ride directly toward it while waving at people on the side. Some will start to try to warn you before you get there and suddenly notice just as you’re on top of it. Instant emergency slalom! Make it look as sketchy as possible. Always great for a laugh. An even bigger laugh if you mess up and step in it, or worse yet, fall in it!

Being that this is a homecoming parade it may have less horses, less kids, etc. but this thread is full of useful parade advice for all parades.

yeah this parade wont have horses it is more the band and the different sports teams and stuff no mini cars sadly

I’ll one up you here…

our last parade, joel would jump over the banner as we lowered it…unbeknownst to joel, i woul lower the banner in the hopes he would land in a horse pile, unforuntely, he missed every one. :frowning: