Parade Riders Needed in Orange County

The Festival of the Whales Parade is on Saturday, March 7th in Dana Point and we will meet at the Strands Beach parking lot which is at the intersection of PCH and Selva. We will meet at 9:00 and should be done around 11:00. Swallow’s say is the big one and is on March 21st at 11:00 and we will meet at 10:00 near Mission San Juan Capistrano. We need as many unis as we can get, especially unique ones such as Cokers and Giraffes! I hope you can come!

I’m there.

Get all your friends to go too!!!

will do. Just called 2 of my friends and they are both for sure going to the swallows day parade. 1 has a brother and a sister who can ride and his sister has two friends who can ride. The other has a sister that can ride also. I’ll make sure everyone knows.

We should also plan a ride at Aliso woods soon as well…before the hot months arrive! :smiley:

I am down! Lets do it the week after swallows day. Terry, i hope you can join us in the parades!


So we have to be checked in by 9:00 for the whales parade so try to be at the Strands Beach Parking lot before than. Please call or e-mail with any questions. I really hope to get a big group together for this!

It is looking like the weather should be clear for this. Please join us if you are free!!! It should be a blast.

I’m about 80% sure I’ll make it. Same for the parade after that. It’ll be my first parade, and I’ll be bringing a new rider who I recently taught how to ride!

Awesome!! I think you’ll enjoy it. I look forward to having you guys along!!!

i’ve got a couple new riders planing on joining us. My friend alex is coming. I went riding with him at top of the world last weekend but he was on his bike. And then stevens little brother (on a 16) is coming. Also steven’s sister’s friend who rides is also coming. I think there may be one more but we will see.

My friend and I will be there. I read the Festival of Whales website and it says to enjoy a breakfast when we get there. Are they providing that or are they just saying to have breakfast? It also says there’s a street fair right after the parade. Are we in that? And one more question: do we have to pay any fees?

I’ll try to be there around 8:30-8:45.

that is awesome. No fee and I will bring donuts. The street faire is fun.

We had 37 riders in the parade! We had giraffes, a stacked 3 wheeler, munis, and even a juggle bug! It was fun. I hope to see more unis in the swallows day parade in two weeks!!!

I had a great time! Very fun riding, and I got to try a giraffe for the first time!

My back hurts pretty bad though…

bump. Next weekend is swallows day

bump. Next weekend is swallows day