Parade Riders Needed in Orange County

My club will be in the Laguna Niguel Holiday parade on Saturday, December 13th and they have asked me to get as many unicycles there as possible so I want to invite anybody free on Saturday morning to come and join us. We will meet at the gas station on the corner of Crown Valley and Golden Lantern at 9:15 for the parade. Pick up will be at the Shell station on Crown Valley and Niguel after the parade. We will stay there until everyone is picked up unless I hear otherwise. It should be a blast. Get out your holiday clothes and a wheel!

Adam Brody
OC Unicyclists

Is there anything in particular we should wear? Also, are we required to ride in a staright line, just waving at the crowd, or can we have a little fun (hops, riding backwards, one-footed, sif). I do understand that if we are allowed to do that, we should really know we can do it well.

Anyways, I’m almost certain I can make it.

Have fun with it! We will not be riding in a stright line! We are unicyclists. Show off what you and have fun. Wear something holiday related!

Awesome. See you all there!

i will be bringing probably 4 people.

My neice doesn’t uni well so we are taking swingbikes.
I will bring the swingbike collection:

:astonished: STC.
:sunglasses: Semcycle, Blue (if I can find a rider for it).
:smiley: Large homemade, photo old, now inproved.
:o small homemade.
:thinking: Uniqo (its staying home, partly disassembled).

Here is old photo of sample
Look away now if adding a wheel to a unicycle offends you.

Its parade time!!!

Any word on how this went? I couldn’t make it due to schedule difficulties.

it was great