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Our club of course rode in the hometown Memorial Day parade and it’s always sort of an unspoken competition on who gets pictures of their float in the newspaper. Well, we caught their attention with our new uni. They got Ben as he rode by (before he asked me to raise the seat).

Just before the start of the parade and after several attempts, Ben successfully freemounted the beast. We’ll have to get him on a video clip.

By the way, especially notice the caption under the picture. I may have to ask for a correction. :slight_smile:



interesting… it seems there’s a mental block that differentiates a ‘bike’ from a ‘uike’(just kidding. a unicycle). my mom still asks about the bike, when she’s referring to the unicycle. i wonder if people called the computer a typewriter when they were still obscure…

Hmm, shouldn’t that be triple decker trike? At least that makes sense.

It could also be a tri-unicycle or tricycle?


Were is the safety equipement? Here in Georgia kids can get tickets for no helmet while riding bikes, not sure about Unicycles.

safety equipment? in a parade? nah! I’v never heard of getting tickets for not wearing helmets… and certainly not for trained preformers.

Apparently MN doesn’t have one, but GA does as well as 16 other states and DC. Helmet Laws Looks like you can get up to $100 fine in GA, still looking for the actual law.

edit: another link Here

Well it looks like I may be wrong on the fine. I di find something funny though. I remember one forum member telling a story about drinking coffee on his Uni. Apparently that is legal in Georgia. But if you did the same thing on a bicycle you would be breaking the law.:smiley:

Here is the link to the full law. Georgia Helmet Law

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I think they should have referreed to the uni as a virtical tricycle. (grin).

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What type of freemount does he use for freemounting a three stack? The middle tire would seem to get in the way of a climbing mount. A three stack is a bit tall for a rolling jump mount, not to mention the leverage and strain it would put on the frame.

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Lots of names for the uni…we call it the 3-wheeler for lack of one better.

As for the free mount, with the right pedal down, Ben steps left foot on the top of the bottom tire, next step is right foot to the right pedal, then over the back of the saddle to catch the left pedal. Gotta be quick.


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An awesome shot as always, Bruce.

You could, to use a Harry Potter reference, call the beast, Fluffy.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ