Parade Pic's

Here are a couple of pics from the parade today, a bunch of us had the perfect day for uni parade fun. Cheers.

#2, uni kids have the most fun!

those cokers look HUGE (well bigger) when the spokes are covered with crape paper or whatever it is. looks like you guys had a ball!

what was the parade celebrating?

nice idea of crep’e papering the wheel , I might use it cause theres a parade in two weks that i might be performing in

he was celebrating 4th of july! its our country’s birthday just in case you didnt know.

looks like you had a blast!

our country is well to old to remember things like that :wink:

It was the separation from your country.

Some places call it “Lose a Colony Day”. :wink:

never do get rid of ya children do ya :smiley:

Nice photos. I can’t imagine riding a Coker in a parade. Our 4th of July parade moved soooo slooooowly that it would be hard to do on a 24".

man, we didnt have a 4th parade cause everyone from tcuc is in tennessee except me:(

:roll_eyes: hmmmm…

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are parade didn’t have anything in it really. I was going to ride in it but i didn’t. they didn’t have any bikes or unicycles.

I don’t get it…