Papergirl wanting to unicycle her paperound...

how do i stop the paperbad off balancing me any ideas? :thinking:

Re: Papergirl wanting to unicycle her paperound…

practise practise practise

what kind of a bag is it?
does it hang over one shoulder?
can u fit your papers into a rucksac that u can wear in front of u?
(i know it sounds weird but i’m sure u know what i mean)
then u can grab a paper and fling it without dismounting
as we always see in the movies


I agree with GILD: backpacks centre your balance when worn in front or behind - best for unicycling! That said, you CAN get used to a side pack, particularly if it is one of those courier/mailcarrier bags that straps to your waist, etc. If a large, heavy sidebag swings around freely as you are mounting, the momentum of the bag can swing you right off the uni when you first try it (as you well know). This even happened to me when I first rode with a small sidebag, just trying to catch the swinging bag.

If you use a heavy sidebag, ride with the bag on different sides occasionally to equalize your muscle development, balance, etc. on the unicycle.

Good luck delivering papers on your uni! (Sadly, our neighbourhood paper carriers use cars…)


How about 2 bags.

Left side and Right side. Straps criss-crossing.

Hmmm, think Eli Wallach (in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) meets Jodie Foster (in Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore).

Then when encountering a bicycling papergirl/boy, look them dead in the eye and say, “This town ain’t big enough for two paper routes. I’ll give you 'til afternoon tea to clear out.”

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

GILD quote:

Originally posted by treepotato
how do i stop the paperbad off balancing me any ideas?

practise practise practise

Gild’s right- practise.

I recently rode my Muni whilst carrying a 20" uni in my hand, and it was surprisingly easy.

I think you should heed what people are saying about rucksacks etc to get the weight central; not because it’ll make it easier but because if you get used to a one sided weight it could have a bad effect on your posture.

I’ll echo the centralising bit… I’ve found carrying anything over a light shopping bag is hard work if you have it in one hand; it messes your balance up and you can’t correct for it like you can if you weren’t encumbered.

I’ve ridden through Birmingham with a huge great backpack and another unicycle strapped to the back of that, it was easier to balance with that than carrying one bottle of lemonade… :slight_smile:


That’s how I wore my newspaper bags when I was 12, because one bag only held about 50 folded newpapers, and I delivered over a hundred every morning on my route. I don’t think I would have ever tried carrying that load on my unicycle, so, if you manage it, treepotato, my helmet’s off to you! Let us know of your success!

One word, guys…

Anatomically-speaking, males generally have relatively greater upper body strength than females, so anecdotes of toting heavy loads (or huge great ones) should maybe be tempered with a little sensitivity.

That said:

Hang in there, treepotato!


Ive never found it that difficult to ride with one side weighted…I often ride to university with a shoulder bag, and when we have moot court (I study law, moot court is a ‘practice’ courtroom and we have to dress up) I ride with a briefcase in one hand. and, sometimes, and umbrella in the other.
Looks a treat.

I also deliver papers, and the bag I use is one with a front and back. If you use that kind, it probably won’t overthrow your balance much because it’s in back and front.
I don’t ride my unicycle to deliver, because I have about eighty papers, and I also deliver to apartments.

good call
add to that the growth phase normally associated with the mid-teen years and u probably don’t want to do anything to give u a crooked spine if u can help it

build a cart u can tow behind the unicycle
i’m sure someone will have some design suggestions for u


thanx for the tips

i think i’ll try the rucksack another probelm tho is people shouting at me and calling me anmes etc oh well i don’t care they can get a life

I once did my paper route on my uni using a bag similar to the one James Potter described. I also delivered to apartments, like James, but completed my entire route on my uni.

Only did it once because on a bike was much easier and faster.



i think i’ll try the rucksack another probelm tho is people shouting at me and calling me anmes etc oh well i don’t care they can get a life

Don’t let it get you down, tiresome as it is a lot of it is well intentioned- there’s been many posts on ‘comments’

For me they’ve dropped to almost nothing, I attribute this to the fact that I’m riding a big chunky Muni, padded up and riding with the kind of demeanor that suggests I’m not going to respond to shouts and comments.

Also the fact that I suspect by now the entire population of Sheffield has seen me at least once before so I’m no longer a novelty.

I have sometimes responded to annoying jokes about missing wheels by loudly and sarcasticly praising the stunning originality of their humour, and asking if they’ve considered a career in stand up comedy. It’s a little harsh as you can tell by the look on their face that they suddenly realise their ‘joke’ has been told a thousand times before.

Having said that I’m 36 and look like I can take care of myself; be wary of what you shout back as some people don’t like being put down.

Re: thanx for the tips

since u’ll be on a regular route and they’ll probably c u quite often, u’ll probably notice that the comments will drop off real quick
till then, may i suggest a friendly smile as the best possible reaction?


ah ha

good one Guild :slight_smile: i’ll smile away :stuck_out_tongue:

A smile with “I’m sure you can do better than that!” also gets the point across.

Also I agree with GILD. If you are a teen be really careful with your spine. Permanent curvature of the spine can cause you all kinds of problems.

How about a little cart to pull along, perhaps attached to your seatpost?

Re: Papergirl wanting to unicycle her paperound…

In article <>, (treepotato) wrote:

> how do i stop the paperbad off balancing me any ideas? :thinking:
> –
> treepotato - No handlebars, No brakes, No limits

I think you should put the strap round your neck, then rest it on the
upper parts of your legs. I used to do my round on a bike, and I just
rested the bag on the crossbar.

Or, you could put the strap across your chest with the bag behind you
resting on the back of the saddle. You’d need to sit forward on the
saddle to use this method.

Another method is to split your load equally between two bags, then wear
them the normal way (over one shoulder each).



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