pants worn from saddle rubbing

i unicycle to work everyday … the problem is i get regularly hole in pants leg (10 centimeters from crotch), always in the same point where saddle meets my jeans. Also the low saddle edge (kh fusion freeride) is worn by rubbing …

do you have some tips ? can i cover saddle with something ? wear something over my jeans ?

thank you

I experience the same problem. I do not have a solution other than to only ride whilst wearing pants that I have bought cheaply at a yard sale for the purpose. As such, I hope a better solution is provided so that I can apply it too.

A few observations: The sides of my saddle are covered in a rough vinyl/fabric, not the smoothish vinyl that the top is covered with. It looks sort of like the tolex that some guitar amps are covered with. That may be contributing to the problem. Or not. Also, I have started using the handle on the front of my saddle. That seems to take some of the work of controlling the unicycle off of my thighs. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

I wear pants made of 86% polyester and 14% spandex. Here’s a link to the male version … pants.

The material is more slick than jeans and should wear well. I hope they hold up but these days I don’t ride every day.

I have a KH saddle. I believe the rough fabric on the sides is Kevlar.