Pants getting snagged on cranks

So, I was outside practising my rolling hops, and once i started going really fast my pant leg got stuck on my crank (i think) and I slammed into the ground hurting my knee badly… :frowning:

This has been happening quite a bit but its never been too bad because i havent been riding fast.
Does this happen to anyone else?

Is there any way people know of to temporarily fix up my jeans to not do that? :angry: I wear jeans alot and i dont wanna stop :stuck_out_tongue:

Take rubber bands or duct tape and wrap them around your ankles so the bottom of your pants are closed.

Your local bike shop will have velcro straps that are designed to keep your pants (trouser) legs out of the chain while bicycling. They’ll also keep your pants from getting snagged on unicycle cranks.

Another style is the metal clip. A more old-school style than the newfangled reflective velcro strap style. I like the metal clip style better but they’re harder to find at least in the US.

Ok thanks, i think ill just use rubberbands or something :smiley:

Oh my gosh, my inline skates that I bought several years ago came with these, and I didnt know what they were. So I tossed 'em. I feel so stupid.

Or, when cycling, you could wear cycling clothes. They will be more comfortable, less sweaty, and safer.

Your pants snag on your cranks??? What trick are you trying to do?

Pah, Americans twisting our language!
Rock on!

Im not doing any trick :stuck_out_tongue:

Get some silicone, and fill up the cap in the pinchbolt.

I have been meaning to do this for a long time, but now that I have denubbed my cranks, it’s not half as bad as it was.

Easily fixed dude… dont wear pants!
I used to wear jeans but found shorts are WAY more comfortable - give it a try and you wont go back to pants.

Pants getting cought on cranks.

Wow that is pretty wierd. I shredded a lot of pants when bicycaling. They would get caught between the gears and the chain.
This never happened to me on any of my unicycles.
Don’t wear bell bottom jeans.
Don’t wear baggy cargo pants.
Wear shorts.
Use rubber bands.


yeah, I was a bit WTF? when I read the title

You guys have never ridden a Torker DX before I assume.

no, not sure what diffrent that makes though :thinking:

No, we just speak English, not American english!
Sounds funny to us brits, thats all!

If my pants snagged on my cranks, I would go commando!

Rock on!

Pants are underwear… in england!

oooooh… thats weird :smiley:

Not really; we’re all superheros. We wear pants as underwear, then we wear the real underwear over the top. I believe it’s fairly standard superman practise.

Of course, most of us are still waiting for Bicycle Repair Man but some of us have just taken up unicycling instead.

Does that sum it up, chaps?

Sure :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember back in the bad old days of unicycling when my shoelaces would sometimes catch on the unicycle’s cotter pins. Same as wrapping one around a crank, you get a sudden pull on your foot and hope your’re not going 20mph on your big wheel when it happens…

The solution is to either modify the unicycle or modify the clothing. How about pants/trousers that are less baggy? But if you’re a member of the 3"-of-boxers-must-be-showing crowd, you’re on your own. :sunglasses: