pants getting caught whilst trying to mount giraffe

Iv’e recently (yesterday) acquired a giraffe and am very excited to learn to freemount, but i cant seem to get the seat between me legs. it feels like the seat of my pants are getting caught on the seat. any suggestions?

Although it sounds odd, I slipped part of a pair of pantyhose over the saddle of my giraffe when learning to free-mount. The slippery surface let my pants slide right over the top. I have a SemCycle which uses the same saddle as a Schwinn. It’s an air saddle with a rubber cover. The rubber cover had far too much friction when in contact with cloth. I tried an athletic sock first but the pantyhose was a far superior solution.

interesting, i’ll try that and see how it works, thanks

woohoo! i got it no pantyhose neccesary! its so exhilarating! the best advice i can give is to hop to both pedals at almost the same time like when hopping onto the cranks of a trials

Greg Milstein, my old performing partner, would often have this problem. Or he’d end up with the back half of his Schwinn-style seat folded over under his crotch. Loose/baggy pants, and not enough clearance will cause this problem. Also a loose seat cover, if applicable.

In a “normal” giraffe freemount, once you get your first foot to the pedal, there’s usually plenty of room for you to lift your other leg high over the seat rather than stuffing it in with your legs too close together. Wish I had a handy video clip for that. Just take an extra second to left the second leg over the seat, and you should have plenty of room, even with baggy pants and a grippy old Schwinn seat cover. :slight_smile:


Tighter pants ? But the tights ( pantyhoes) does work for some reason

I usually wear bike shorts underneath and a pair of athletic shorts over them which I pull up as high as possible (like Ed Grimley) so there’s no bagginess.

what i do now is jump to both pedals at the same time and hop a few times before putting the seat under, its not exactly graceful but it works. the success rate varies widely


Try not wearing any pants :astonished:

You should try that with a six-footer! :slight_smile:

You go first. Be sure to get it on video; it could go viral! :stuck_out_tongue:

Beat me to it :frowning:

would still get caught :stuck_out_tongue:


Have just dug my Giraffe out of the cupboard :slight_smile: … now practicing in the dark!!! video to follow soon :smiley:

Uh huh.