Pantomime horse on two unicycles... Possible?

Just something I keep thinking about that would look cool in a parade or whatever.

Has anybody tried it, or know of anybody trying it? I couldn’t find anything with the usual quick googling but I can’t help thinking somebody must have at least tried it. I would imagine balancing might be interesting for the rear person because of the bent-over position and limited opportunity to swivel, but perhaps holding onto the front rider’s waist would help. I’d try it (naked - well, without a horse costume) if there was another unicyclist around…

So, anybody done it before?


Although it’s not the same, this made me think of the time that members of the Tunbridge Wells Juggling Club entered the annual Pantiles Sedan Chair Race on unicycles:

(I’m on the corner that you can’t see - you can just about make out my wheel).

I’m sure it would have been quite doable if we’d had a chance to practice with the sedan chair before the race. As it was, we had enormous problems trying to mount in synch while picking up the chair (if we didn’t all mount together then we’d have someone trying to backpedal while someone else was trying to start riding forwards and it all got a bit messy). Limited ability to swivel was also a significant problem.

I reckon a pantomime horse would have similar problems, but far less severe. There would be half as many unicyclists to co-ordinate and they would be carrying far less weight (a pantomime horse costume hopefully weighing a fair bit less than a sedan chair with a girl in it).

Riding bent over isn’t difficult. I think the biggest problem would be the one you mentioned about the back rider being restricted on his swivelling. I believe it should be quite doable though, and I’d be keen to try it.

To avoid the bent over situation you could do either a camel or a Pushmi-Pullyu…it’d be easy enough, I think.

sort of on the subject

me ,gabe, tom and owen are gunna be making a cardboard car (car sized to)
then we are gunna “drive” it through a drive through
(reasosn wait until wang dynastey is out ) hahaha

that’s gonna be SWEET…be sure to film it.

There is a Laurel and Hardy episode where they do exactly that. First though they are on a tandem bicycle. Then they go into a tunnel where a bus is coming the other way. When they come out the other side, the bike is “split in half” but the 2 guys are on unicycles, still in the horse outfit.
The episode is called “Another Fine Mess”.

Is this what you had in mind??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Custom Unicycles.JPG

funny you mentionned that: it’s exactly an old tee-shirt design for our uni group
(I posted it a long time ago but could not find the post again)

I think Tall Paul and Miark may have done it back in 2000 at the BJC parade. Well IIRC it was a cow rather than a horse, but teh principles teh same. If you can find a costume I’m up fpr trying it in teh princetown carnival!

We took one skiing last year:

unicycling shouldn’t be too tricky.

just found a copy a pic of the uni cow at York part way down the page

I thought somebody must have tried it. Looks a bit camel-like! - perhaps it’s too hard to ride bent right over. I’d like to give it a go though.