Panther Pride Trials Day Edit

First day back at practice and like four kids got new trials unicycles so i decided to bust out my new gopro and do a little filming with them. They loved it haha :smiley: No real editing, just threw some clips together for them

haha I love it! I like how some of the kids hop with 2 hands:D
are you coming to naucc 2011 by chance?

Ill be there. It’ll be my first time attending naucc since 2002. Yeah all those kids are still in elementary school, the kid with the white nimbus is eleven years old and he can almost crankflip. He half flipped today haha

Awesome. It looks like a good time. How often do you guys ride?

Monday through thursday after school for two hours.

Usually monday is for beginner riders that are learning
Tuesdays / thursdays are dedicated to riders that plan on attending naucc
Wednesday is the day where most all riders come because they work on routines and stuff for like our halftime shows.

Really wish there was something like that here. Maybe some day.

yeah mr. tepper (the coach) has had this team together since 1990.

haha cool. Ill see you there! Ive never been to naucc before. If you havent been since 2002, then how old are you?

im 16. the last time i went was in 4th grade. now im in 11th haha

Looks fun! Almost makes me want to go back to school

Yeah you see mostly the little guys in this video. But our team is an after school activity and we have riders starting from age 4 or 5 and ranging in all ages.

Reminds me of high school, except only two other people I knew were cool enough to ride trials when I was in high school :sunglasses:

Hey Tony,

Do you muni, by chance? A group of us are thinking of hitting Duthie this Sunday. Send me a pm if you’re interested.