Panama Rainforest Muni Public Radio Spot and Video

This link from PRI’s the World show includes our ‘teaser’ video and the audio of our interview that aired the other day (click at the bottom to get the ‘geo answer’ and the audio is at the bottom of that page)

other updates about our trip here

many more hrs of video yet to be processed.

Wow, what an amazing adventure and a great accomplishment! Cheers to all you guys! :smiley:

Thanks, Terry. Roland(isimo) didn’t seem worried in the least when we lost the trail in the jungle, but I was certain we were going to die.

Just head West, you’ll come out on the Pacific eventually! :wink: Seriously though guys great job and a fine accomplishment; just wish I was at the same place in life to take on these kinds of challenges! I’ve got plans but it will be a while yet… I hope to ride with all you guys eventually. I think it is high time that we coordinated a meeting somewhere more centrally located and plan some cool, multi-day muni adventure i.e. maybe take on some point-to-point trail system somewhere as a group. Could do something supported that way we wouldn’t have to carry too much stuff… I’m just thinking out loud… Congratulations again and I hope to read more about your successful adventure soon.

Actually, it’s more southeast, believe it or not.

T’would be excellent. After I make up for 9 days away from my husbandly and fatherly duties, which will take a while.


steveyo and other would be muni adventurists… why not an epic like:
If we can organize it right with support crews this would be an awesome, multiday adventure. Of course everybody involved would have to be in pretty good shape… There is no way I could go this year but definitely next year; but that’s not stopping anybody else from doing it. I don’t care about being “the first” (I’ve got other, bigger plans) it would just be interesting to get some beta. Though something like this would take some time to plan… Good time to do it would be to coincide with the Moab Muni Festival.