Palos Verdes Ride Pics

Terry, John Long, Don and I (Jamey) went on a nice ride yesterday in Palos Verdes and had a blast. Although it wasn’t super technical we found many places to play around. The weather was overcast so we couldn’t enjoy the beautiful overlooks but we could see the ocean and I can’t wait to go back on a nice clear day so we can see Catalina Island.

Not the best group photo but I accidently deleted the others…


Ready to try a technical section…


JL showing us how it’s done!

Terry’s turn!

Terry doing a sweet drop that’s nice and smooth and fun!

Don was actually the first one to give it a go. Look at his speed!

JL on the “Alaskan Pipeline”.

And last but not least, Terry jumping off the “Alaskan Pipeline”. That’s all folks…

Haha, Awesome pics Jamey! That tech section looks almost better in the pic than the real thing! Nice!:smiley:

great shots. love pics!

Great to have Jamey back after the injury. He’s riding better than ever now.


Nice pics Jamey - next time we’ll get some of you!