Where do you guys get your pallets for trials?


Try some local factories, ask them if you can have pallets off them, where in UK are you ? Where I work palletts get stacked up and reused or put on woodburner

I got all mine from people in my neighborhood. Lots of new houses being built and lots of folks remodeling, so there is a lot of pallets. Certain businesses have a lot of them. Start looking around, you will be surprised at where you see them. Just always ask before you grab em, most people are happy to be rid of them.

I’ve seen pallets advertised free on craigslist in my area.
Spellings of pallets is not always correct so be creative. They’re also knows as skids too.

Larger commercial print shops (bigger than a quick print copy shop) often have lots of pallets. All the paper comes in on pallets, but the finished product doesn’t always go out on pallets. So pallets tend to pile up. They are often happy to give them away because it is cheaper than paying a waste company to cart them off.