Okay heres the deal… I’ve been trying to get a hold of 10 pallets and cant even get one! I’ve tried home depot and vons and all that but none of them are saying yes! :angry: I wanted pallets for my talent show on friday the 13th and im getting frusturated. B & B though offered to let me borrow some for the show so thats not really a problem.:smiley: Anyone have any suggestions where and how I can get them? (preferably free but whatever) I always see peoples videos and they have like a gagillion pallets…:frowning:

Thanks guys!

The forum already has many suggestions. If you search for pallets here, you’ll find pallets. You have my guarantee!

go to the big trash bins where new roofs are being put on houses they have alot of them and thats where i get mine

Just go behind an albertsons or something, if they’re back there, just grab em. That’s what I do when I need some quick firewood for a bonfire or something.


Okay, don’t search then.

Follow Dane’s advice and steal pallets from a store.

'Cause we’re all way too lazy to get pallets legally.

I’ve never had anyone confront me for taking them, I’ve even had delivery crews watch me as I take them, I didn’t know it was illegal.

Try small shops, they usually always happily give them away.

Bigger companies sell them back.

They don’t get much money for them. So if you need to buy them it might be like 4 bucks for one? I’m really not sure, that’s just what I’d heard.

No actually, I’m a Brooks student. (Professional Photography) But it’s in SB. I went to the community college here too before I started at Brooks Institute.

Why do you ask?

Over here in Aus, the cheap pallets just get dumped and destroyed.

And the good ones, are worth $50-$100,

Oh very cool, how old is he? And what’s he studying?

Oh and I saw an old UCSB unicycling video somewhere, it was funny to see em tricking on local spots.

You could always get a few cheapies and take em apart and put them back together in your own fashion, it wouldn’t be too difficult. I’m no carpenter but I know I’d be able to come up with something usable.

Nah the wood is to weak, some are ok to take. but you have to get them before they get taken away.

Oh wow, he’s a smartin. Have you got him into the uni? haha

I didn’t say the things would be light weight, I just said I could make something usable =P

I know in Carlisle, the local newspaper company advertises free pallets that you can pick up behind their building.

And I know that where I work, if we don’t return the same number of pallets that we get from the ice company, in theory we have to pay $5.

Hmm interesting, maybe I’ve just beeing going to the right places. I’ve never seen a sign posted or had any trouble in taking them.

Steel :wink:

Steel pallets would be very heavy. Did you mean steal?

Any good size print shop has lots of wood pallets and skids (all the paper stock gets shipped in on pallets). The pallets are not returned for credit. Many other manufacturers also receive materials on non-returnable pallets. Most of the time, they accumulate the pallets and then pay for a special dumpster to dispose of them. Take a drive around the back of these print shops (by the loading docks). You may see piles of them. If so, ask inside if you can take a few. Most shops will say “yes” because you are doing them a favor by removing their refuse. They just wish that you would take more.

If anyone in Springfield, MA wants pallets/skids, send me a PM. I can line you up with as many as you need.

What’s a skid?