Pallets :D (not just sidehops)

well today i finally got myself 7 pallets, and heres what i managed to do
tell me what you think

Wheel walk on the skinny was awesome!:smiley:

thanks :smiley:

Whered you get your pallets and what music was that playing?

Nice seat in hop at the beginning. I wish I could to that so easily.

cool video you used one of my favorite songs but don´t the rollo discs disturb you at trails?
@michaelgoround the music is dizzie rascal - bonkers

thanks for all the good comments
yep the music is bonkers by dizzee rascal
i got my pallets from my next door neighbours work :slight_smile: but i went to the local ASDA and they said i could have as many as i could fit in a car if i came at the end of the week, so ask at your local wal mart, you never know :slight_smile:
the rollo’s dont normally get in teh way for SI trials but sometimes if im riding SIF they’ll bash my ankles a little, but they dont get in the way even nearly enough to warrant taking them off for trials
That SI sidehop was 57cm which was my highest ever, i dont know how it looked so easy in the video. today i jumped 60 :slight_smile:

Nice video, I liked it.:slight_smile:

yay :slight_smile: