Pallet skill levels?

Correct me if I am wrong. This is just a basis to compare when I make my comp.
I won’t follow it anally, but to have a rough idea.

1 Beginner
2 Beginner
3 Beginner-intermediate
4 Intermediate
5 Intermediate-Expert
6 Expert
7 Expert-Pro
8 Pro
9 Pro-Elite
10 Elite

my estimation of an average pallet is 5 1/8 inches. 9 pallets is ~ 46 in.
Ryan Atkins has only hit 43 and probably no one ever will hit 46 in. go to 8 pallets ( or at least I would)

I have seen atkins do 9, and Dan Heaten did it in defect.

pallets are a really bad way to judge skill levels because they are different sizes.
just stick w/ the inches/cm
or better yet, the biggest thing the person can jump OVER. Actually, that is how skill at big street should be judged.

What inches/cm then. This is for trials.

I like it, but ive never seen anyone getting 10 pallets, at least not yet. lol

Only thing I dont like is that pallets differ in height. I have pallets that are painted blue, and are pretty heavy duty, and if I stack just about 6 of those up, and compare them to a regular 6-stack of pallets, and the blue pallets are about 5 inches taller.

Go blue Pallets! Kmart uses those ones :slight_smile:

i jack them sometimes.

I use the pallets that i have at work. :smiley:

A trials rider’s skill shouldn’t be measured by how many pallets they can take in a high jump. Some people can jump really high onto pallets but they are not good trials riders.

What makes a good trials rider is being able to combine skinnies ,small angled objects and gaps/ups between those into complete lines.

Check this .pdf out to find more about how to rate the difficulty of a line.

what happened to the scale you were going to use before? Do you know when the comp will be?

Also, for your pallet-rating, is this to rubber or is a crank/pedal grab allowed?

To rubber to pallets. Crank/peddle to higher.

Comp is on may 5th.
I will give the instructions to get there a week or so before the actual comp.

Beginner 0-15in
Intermediate 15-25in
Expert 25in-35in

Sound good?


What he said, plus 1

Peter M

I dont think i should complain but if you follow that then I’m expert…and Im not so I think the Expert level should be the next one and the one you have as “Expert” should be inter or something like this:

Beginner 0-15in
Novice 15-25in
Intermediate 25in-35in
Expert 35-40in
Pro 40in +

Trials is so much deeper than stacks of pallets and big hops, why must people reduce it to that? I’ve never seen a trials course where the most interesting lines were the ones that were at the limit of how high I could hop (not amazing… 90-95cm). Think about this for a bit. If you base trials lines off of hop height, a hard trials line is going to put you 6+ feet off of the ground within 2-4 moves. That’s not fun, it’s just dangerous.

Furthermore, you’d need an amazing turnout to even bother with a 40+" “pro” class. It’s a rare trials ride where there’s more than one person in the group who can ride like that. At the CMW 2005, the best riders on the course were jumping 3’ and less, and there were still very few of them.

Timbob, I’m in school right now on the east coast, but come summer, we should ride. I haven’t met any decent trials unicyclists in the (inner) Bay Area since Mike Middleton, so I’d be interested in riding with you. E-mail me in late May if you want to ride. onewheeler ((aat)) gmail ((dott) com

Im not actually that good :[ but i would like to ride sometime. By may I should have most tables down(hopefully) . There are three really good trials riders here who could give you a challenge. Oh and I wasnt doing that pro thing for a comp just for people who can hop that hight to feel better about themselves:p

You’ll learn pretty quickly that by the time you can hop 30+", hop height stops being a big deal and you won’t get as much self satisfaction from being able to do it.

I’m aware of Justin and a few others in the outer Bay Area who are pretty good. I’m not out to compete, so I don’t really care about whether the person is better than me int hat regard. What I care about is whether the person sees interesting lines that are around my skill level. Riding with people much better than me just means I don’t end up riding, and riding with people much worse than me just makes me feel like I’m performing, not riding, which also isn’t much fun.

I was pretty stoke when I got 30+

so where do those of us who hit 35+ inches fit. God?

A good expert side hop or a bad pro side hop.

Pic which one.