Pair of wheels, and extensions from 2 wheeler.

I’m splitting and selling off of the wheels and extensions of my 2 wheeler, as I’m not using it. I built the wheels up last year, and since then they have lived on my 2 wheeler, so have not been damaged. There is minor pitting in the rims, from messing about on the 2 wheeler near the hovercraft and the spray getting onto the uni. The blue tyre has minimal wear, the red has a scuff from when it was once on my bmx, minimal wear other than that. I think that both wheels may have new inner tubes in.

I’m open to offers, so any questions / offers, ask away. They may well go on e-bay sometime, I’ll link the listing if I put them there.

Black, 48h UDC CrMO cotterless hub.
Chrome, 48h Alex Supra E rim.
24 SS GBH spokes, 24 black GBH spokes.
Primo The Wall tyre, 20x2.1, blue.

Black, 48h UDC CrMO cotterless hub.
Chrome, 48h Alex Supra E rim.
48 green Demolition spokes.
Primo The Wall tyre, 20x2.1, Red.

Nimbus 2 wheeler extention.

Now on e-bay.

Blue tyred wheel.

Red tyred wheel.


Maybe interested in the extentions… Nice idea selling the seperetly!

Yeah, I figured I stand a better chance of selling it all if I split it, rather than put it all in one listing.

Just the red tyred wheel remaining.

Yeah, I know this isn’t really the right forum for posting videos on, but I didn’t want to start a thread elsewhere just to say thanks to Fraggle for the extensions and 2nd wheel. I’ve got it all built up now, and on Thursday I gave it a test ride. This clip was shot after about an hour of practice;


No worries Semach, it looks cool in green.

Red tyred wheel still up for grabs, just not on e-bay at present.

The video doesn’t really do the green decoration much justice, but I’ll post some decent photos when I get a chance. In the mean time, however, here’s a video taken a week after the first one;

The week after that, i was able to do the slalom course you can see in the begining of that film :slight_smile:


Cool, good to see the two wheeler being put to use, and that you are picking it up quickly. I think it took me a bit longer to get to the stage you are at with it.