Pair of MKS Runber non-marking pedals

I’m selling a pair of MKS Runber X pedals:

They’re grey, like in the picture. And they don’t mark the floor yet have a neat grip. Lots of freestylers love those as they’re allowed indoors. Basket unicyclists love them too, for the same reason. And made in Japan, so proper quality.

Why do I sell them if they’re that fantastic? I managed to track a pair in black (extremely rare), so that was a present to my black freestyle uni…

$20 shipped. They’re like new.

I want

I would love to take these off your hands, dose 20$ include shipping.

Replied in your PM.

But never got an answer…
The pedals are still available.


Do you still have these pedals? I am looking for a set.
Thanks Mike


If you still have these i can be reached at

No they were sold eventually!