well, it’s finally been finished.
my unicycle, a red and black torker DX has been changed into a Ghostly Glow colored monster!

check it out:


Can we have a pic in the dark?

That is one sweet unicycle though, looks real nice.


Sexy as F**k! Maybe it needs a solid white or black saddle though…Have you considered a fusion cover?

camera don’t work like that.
it’s not bright enough for the camera.

yeah. it does, but i may get a viscount from miles at CMW.

That’d do the trick.

That makes the DX look a hell of a lot cooler. They should have painted it that color in the first place, and it would be much more popular.

I bet it could work, I’ve taken pictures of glow in the dark stuff with our crappy camera.

Is it the kind if glow were the more you hold it to the light, the more it glows?


it glows when it’s dark…
but my camera is dumb.
i can’t turn off the flash.

So hold your hand over the light…

sorry, I forgot to bring it:( my mom already left to pick me up and were going straight from my school.

oh welll…

Thats awesome, I think i’ll paint my KH frame in some glow in the dark colour now! What kind of paint is it and what is the writing on your tire?

it says napoleon complex, which is the name of his soon to be DVD i tihnk

Put the camera on night mode and hold it really still preferably with a tripod or something to stabilize it. Maybe that will help. If you cant turn off the flash, cover it.

i’ll get a night photo at CMW.
fo sho.

if you some how manage to get a Ultra violet light, then stick it under that and it will glow alot better after that, we have 2 and we used to do it with glow in the dark juggling clubs. Nice as un tho!

hah thats pretty cool… im thinking of painting my dx frame to seperate it from everybody else that has a dx

yah, mee too