has anyone tried painting their uni, or their bike?

i bought my bike green, because it was the only color available for this model
its [ok] but…it could be better its got the green paint and the decals from
the manufacturer

does anyone have some tips on what kind of paint i would use…? or how to prep
it…? do i need to strip off the old paint? can i go over it?

what about a uni thats chrome…? can they be painted?

thanks for any help guys

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Re: [painting…]

“Jay” <> wrote: has anyone tried painting their uni, or
their bike?

It can be done and a good bike shope should be able to take care of it for you.
I got mine done professionally through a bike shop. They take care of stripping
off the paint and decals. (I think they use a sand blaster or something
similar). It can be a little price but it looks fantastic. I got a metallic blue
paint job for about US $70.

They actually bake the paint on. If you do it yourself then the paint comes off
fairly quickly from any rubbing that occurs.

Chrome is more expensive but more robust. If you knock your unicycle around
a fair bit eventually the paint will get scratched (that first scratch
really hurts).

Hope that helps, Peter

o o Peter Bier o O o Juggler, unicyclist and mathematician.

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Re: painting…

I painted my chrome uni with black spray paint. I think it’s quite easy and
resistant but as my uni falls often on macadam, I should have to paint it again.
If your uni is allready painted, you should strip the paint except if the old
paint is not damaged at all.