Painting your uni, so easy, yet so easy!

Hello! And yes, that uni master piece is what I made, and it was too easy. Now, I will tell you how too.

Tools, and Supplies:

1.) All tools needed to seperate frame fromt he rest of the uni.
2.) Rope, string or wire.
3.) Spray paint colors such as yellow blue orange ect. but, you must have a clear over coat spray paint.

 Thats about it for the supplies, now, LETS GET STARTED!!


1.) seperate the frame so it is alone.
2.) suspend it from a tree.
3.) GO ALL OUT! Spray it randomly with all the colors you have!
4.) go over it in a clear coat to prevent wear.
5.) assemble uni, and have fun.

Please feel free to ask me any questions at

Have fun,
Ray Edward

Dayglow orange would look good.

Can you get ‘glow in the dark’ spray paint?

Cool paint job! You’ve inspired me to paint my muni frame. It’s hanging in the garage drying as I type this. Pictures will follow when it dries and I put it back together. A couple hours or so.

cheers… Mojoe

Here it is… pretty in pink.


Different angle…

Mojoe, that looks great…I hope you’re painting the lower beraing cap pink?

Ive been playing with color changing painting. I used a translucent red with a blue pearl over. At different angles it changes to violet. Can’t seem to take a picture without those lines though.


Yeh, I couldn’t stand leaving it as it is! But the paint job looks awsome. Nice work, they all look great. I think my seated hand-driven unicycle will have a paint job like that multi-coloured one.


I want to know, and see, how checkernuts’ paint job came out.
How about it mike?