painting project

hey guys. going to start a paint project for my uni when i get over this sickness that ive had all week (no karate or unicycling for almost the hole week…only uni’d twice this week and gone to karate twice, and im used to going to karate 6 times a week and unicycling at least 5 times…gaaaahhhh) …anyways. im painting everything white, but heres the catch, after words im going to be doing some fine detail work in different colours, overtop of the white paint…what kind of paint should i use to this? im using car paint for the base white coat…i was thinking acryllic with a brush for the fine detail work, but im not sure…any suggestions?

Thats on the rim but he used acrillic he said on the next page.

i saw that, thats what gave the the idea of acryllic paint but im lookingt for other kinds of paints that i could use too, and what kind of brushes (if thats wha i woud use) and stuff