Painting pedals?

I’m wondering if this would last very long, or wear off quickly? I’m thinking since your feet are actually resting mostly on the pins, it might last longer, but I just don’t know if it would be practical to paint them.

Anybody ever paint their pedals, and if so, did the finish last a reasonable amount of time? I know P coating would be the most durable way, and most pedals are finished this way at the factory, but the cost may be restrictive, unless I could maybe have the shop do them at the same time as my frame!

I wouldn’t bother, unless your going to power coat/ anodise.

hah that’swhat I figured. I actually like the idea of just haveing the Pcoat shop do the pedals at the same time as the frame! That would prolly not even cost extra, or much extra anyway!

Spray 'em and see how long it lasts! What do you have to lose!

Well that “pedal-painting” idea died fast! I just talked to a powder coat shop and the owner said he will custom powder coat THREE frames (Coker, '07 KH muni, and '05 KH muni) plus three pairs of pedals in any color of my choice.

The price? ZERO $$ Haha, we’re going to do a trade; I’ll tune his piano in exchange, but won’t have do do it for at least a few months 'till his wife decides to start playing it!

Btw, I had this same place powder coat a couple of uni frames about a year or so ago and he did a great job! Here’s one he did a while back::slight_smile:

could you actualy power coat your face in a safeish way?

edit: stupid question but I’m just curious

I always paint my pedals…and cranks. it’s not really worth it. It’s a waist of paint and money. It wears off fairly quickly. Mostly scratches off by stuff. I dont know why I keep painting them myself. They look good right after painting, but them they look like crap.

I think my pedals were balck at some point

You mean something like this :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:



I spray painted one side of my plastic pedals so I know which side faces up so I still have the little pins on one side for grip. The other side is worn completely smooth from grinding. The paint has held up pretty well, all things considered. But if you’re going for fashion, I wouldn’t bother. My pedal painting was strictly function.

Oh wait…you actually said “power” coat!


thats a really good idea, i’ll have to remember that for when i start grinding. (long way off for now)

I have been thinking about painting pedals as well, I would like to buy the qu-ax mag pedals but they come in yellow. My dad says he can get powder coating done for free at work so I may see if he can do them. Also my kh frame is now getting quite scratched up so I was considering geting that powder coated as well.

haha, don’t power coating get hot though?

yea I think they staticly charge the paint so its attracted to what your painting then they put it in a kiln so it goes like a glaze.

I have a pair of blue Primo Tenderizers on my muni that I spray painted black. actually doesn’t wear off too much, I gave it like 4 coats.

The spray paint cost me 99 cents at wal-mart…

oh, I don’t think my face would like that.