Painting My seatpost and clamp

Hey all. i know how to paint stuff from reading ALL the other threads. sand, prime, paint, clear coat, blah blah blah. im making my clamp orange and my post blue.

ive already sanded my clamp but have come to an issue with my post. how do i sand off the old paint, then prim. paint and clear coat a few times and ensure that it will actually still be 27.2mm and go in the frame nicely?

thanks. i’ll be sure to post pictures

edit: oh yeah, its an 07 KH frame, post and clamp.

How does it fit in your frame now? I have had posts that just don’t want to go in and I have had others where they basically fall all the way down becasue they are slightly too small. If its a tight fit then I dont think I would paint it.

it fits in snugly.

when its in you can easily move it up down and spin it around but you cant rattle it around inside there.

Oh ok, I am not sure then.

I know Cody used to use a seat post that his friend painted and I am sure if he didn’t have a seat clamp then it wouldn’t have made any difference. That thing was in there so tight it was crazy.

hmmmm. i am afraid i’ll do it and it will be like 27.6 or something.

i assume the 07 black alu. post is annodized. would it be possible to take it to an annodizing place and ask then make it blue and exactly the same size?

would i be better to take it to a place to get it annodized ?

I used seat posts that were simply spraypainted :-D. Yeah they fit a lot more snug and its hard to adjust…

me too, same deal until I left it unpainted below the level I always ride it at.

Who says you have to paint the whole thing? Just pain’t about an inch below were you ussually have it.

I’m pretty sure those parts are aluminum of some flavor. Aluminum can be anodized. You’ll get much better results getting the parts anodized rather than painted. The color will stay and won’t get scratched off. I don’t see how it will be possible to paint a seatpost unless you are only going to paint just the part that will be visible above the frame.

However, anodizing is only available in a few colors. Those colors may not be a color or shade that suits you.

What color are you wanting to paint/anodize the parts?

I believe it’d be blue. The boy’s gonna kill with battery acid I tell ya.

Now I see he did mention the colors. Orange for the seat clamp and blue for the seatpost. Shades of blue can be done by anodizing. Orange may be possible too, but I’m not sure. He’d have to ask a place that does anodizing about what colors they can do. It also depends on the particular aluminum alloy used in the parts as to what the color is going to turn out to be. Anodizing isn’t exact as far as colors go.

unfortunatly i wont be able to get it annodised as i only have half the money i need to buy my new 36" er.

i will leave the post black but i am in the process of painting my clamp orange. so far 5 coats of orange and 1 of clear. how many clear coats do you reckon? i think i will do about 5, more?

thanks guys