Painting my Rim

Hey, I know there have been threads like this before, but I need intructions.
I want to paint my rim, and am getting the materials today, but need to now what to get and how to do it. I am planning on painting the rim lime green to go with my orange frame.

Thanks, Ben

I think this is how abibbibble painted his.

remove frame from wheel.

remove tire from wheel.

remove rim strip and tube from rim.

get masking tape and coat the spokes in it, so that you can’t see them.

paint away!

Not want to sound like a complete noob, but how do i deal with getting the tire on and off?
I would much prefer if there was a way to get the rim painted without taking off the tire… any ideas?

Are you just spray painting it? If you are it’s gonna take like 5 coats to stay on. And are you wanting to keep the wheelset complete, and be able to paint it? If so, then it will take time to tape over every spoke, and tape & plastic or newspaper to cover the tire.

Yeah, I am spray painting it, and I wouldn’t mind taking the time to cover the spokes, cranks and wheel with newspaper/tape. After the 5 coats, should I put on a couple clear coats to protect it?

yeah, cover everything up that you dont want paint on. After the 4 or 5 coats dry, put on some clear coats. It’s not going to be like getting it Powdercoated, but it will look good.

Seriously, take 5 minutes and take off the tire. If you cant pull it off when its deflated, take it to your LBS and get them to take it off with some tire levers. O yeah, also take off your frame so you dont get paint on that.

yeah, it really would be best if you could take the tire off.

Actually, my dad and I just got the wheel and tube and rim strip out, so its fine. Right now I am taping up the spokes and crank, and then I am going to get the paint. What color would you guys recomend if my frame is orange?

Lime green :roll_eyes:

no, orange and blue
… it will look much better if it is blue… trust me, its an art thing

Ok, I think blue would look cool. Also, the paintshop near my house might have powdercoat type paint, if I did that with like 3 or 4 layers and a layer or 2 of clear, would it last?

he he:D I acualy diden’t chang it I just deleted parts

Would using just a normal spray paint look okay and last longer than powdercoating? If there is a way to get the powdercoating to stay on for a long time, I would like to do that.

dude, powdercoating ROCKS … it will last a ton longer than the spray paint if it is done right

Powder coating would require de-lacing the wheel.

It’s sprayed on then cooked to adhere better.

yeah thats true, but it will be much better, and its really not that hard to lace a wheel…

Piece of cake.

K, I couldn’t get any powdercoat, and I can’t really lace a wheel AT ALL.
I got metallic teal spray paint, with some protective clear paint as well. I am in between my 2nd and 3rd coat right now… will post pics in a little bit.

That’s going to look sexy.

Get a picture with the wheel in the frame as well.