Painting/Masking Tips?


I am in the prosess of painting my Summit frame White/Black Checker board. Do oyu guys have any tips on masking? And thing to match out for or things not to do? I still havnt figured out a good way to mask for Checkers. Here is what iv done so far…I wire brushed as much as i could, then i used paint Stripper and a Dremel for the rest. Right now its sure white, with about 3 coats of white. Here are some pics…

summit1 001.jpg


summit1 011.jpg

Home-Made Paint Booth

summit1 008.jpg

u could just cut out a perfect square on paper and then stick it to tape and cut around it
then u could keep making more of the tape squares and put them all down
other wise i hav no suggestions

That seems a little scetchy, I want ways other people have doen it.

we’ve done masking, but not that precise. how big do you want the squares? if you could live with less precision (which I think would be mega cool) just do it with masking tape. If you want big squares, find the width of masking tape and make a square that wide.

masking tape works great though.

have other people done it? I haven’t seen any designs on frames that intricate before…I’m with Fuego though, you could use masking tape or something, I think that would work.

PS duuude, your frame has the triangle shaped foot holders too!! mine doesn’t, but my friends does, and I think that’s pretty much the weirdest thing ever.

random squares like this would be cool:


yeah, and they’d be easy too, because you don’t need to worry about it looking perfectly straight (:

my thoughts exactly. you could do them pretty small, too. that would be a great paintjob.

Yeah, What about black lightning bolts down the side?


lightening bolt.bmp (320 KB)

I like the random checkers, stick with that, not the lightning bolts.

Yeah, that lightning bolt looks messed up.
I vote for the “give spencer back his frame and paint it orange again and dont sell it”

the best way to do it, is to completly cover the frame in masking tape, tehn with a straight edge and an exacto knife, cut a grid into the tape. Then peel away the unwanted squares. This will be much more precise than trying to stick on the squares.

ya id say thats the way to go

I’ve had better results using electrical tape personally masking tape tears really easy and is easy to get unwanted folds in the tape on corners. ThisGuy’s method is the way to go just make sure that white paint is fully dry before you think about puting any tape on it. You can use alcohol normally to remove any gunk the tape leaves behind. Just make sure you dont push too hard with a blade you only want to cut through the one layer of tape and not the paint.

It might also help to make a template for the size of the square so that you get the same size every time.

do the random checkers

I think im going to do random checkers