Painting Cranks

I have put KH 137 moments on my nimbus oracle, they are realy good but they don’t mach the color scheme, so i am thinking of spray painting them black or orange, will just normal spray paint work on the chrome surface or will it not stick and just chip off? if so what should i do?

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Paint will chip. There is a treatment u can do that gives a DARK DARK blue/ blackish color but idk what it’s called. Someone here did a tutorial thread on it a few years ago.

For other colors I think powder coating is your only option (which some here have done themselves)

They aren’t very color able. I saw a spot where someone tried dipping them in some sort of plastic coating but even that didn’t last.

You really only have two options:

  • Anodise them - this will give you a very hard, metallic effect. Or...
  • Powder coat them - this is how they 'paint' frames and Venture cranks (I think) [/LIST]
  • I had my 114mm 36er cranks powder coated and they started chipping and wearing off after the first ride! My right shoe tends to rub slightly against the crank since I ride with that foot closer in. I think anodizing cranks would be much better, and doesn’t add any (or very little) thickness to parts.

    Paint will not adhere well to a chrome surface. It will if you sand it first. (Or sandblast it.) Since I’m guessing you want to do this “quick and cheap” (as opposed to buying new cranks), go ahead and sand, prime and paint them. The beauty of this method is that you will get many applications out of one spray can, so when they start to get scratched or dinged, just shoot 'em again. You can also change the color whenever you want. No problem!

    if you ride a lot your cranks will eventually always be that shiny chrome color. You can spray paint them just be sure to prep the surface properly. You can get them anodized as well, that would be the best way to do it.

    A long story short, all the colored cranks I have ridden with have now turned to silver.

    Thanks for the advice, powder coating is to much effort so i am thinking i might just spray paint them and see what happens and if it all chips off then oh well at least I tried :slight_smile:

    Truck bed liner :wink: