Painting a Unicycle

Ive already search the forums and i only found 2 about painting a uni and they didn’t help much at all. i want to paint my uni blue so what would i do? ive head about spray painting but i dont like the idea of that unless thats the only way u can do it. ive also heard of something like powder coat which i dont know what the hell that is. im think u jsut go out and buy a can of blue paint and start painting… :thinking:

Well, I just sprayed two coats of green to my 36 today and turned out okay. It would have been better, but more expensive to powdercoat it.

Powdercoating is a process where negatively charged paint powder is sprayed onto a piece of metal (positively charged) so they stick together with a charge. The metal is then put into a furnace of some sort to bake the paint on so it stays on the metal, giving it a nice, smooth layer of paint.

i powder coated my KH white. It last a lot longer and looks really nice. It may cost quite a bit though. They take your frame,strip off all of the paint, electrically charge the metal and the paint so that it sticks together and then bake the paint on to the frame.

ok… im very confused. cant i just paint it blue?

The search option will find you tutorials on painting frames. I think you’ll need lots of coats + primer but IDK. I think I’ll just get mine powdercoated if it’s cheap enough.

Brush painting will always give a worse finish than spray painting. Either way you’ll need to strip the frame back to bare metal and apply a primer to get good results. A clearcoat over the top of the last layer of paint will always help the job to stay in good shape for longer.

powder coating will cost more, if your going to spray it strip the frame back to bare metal, prime it, lightly sand tat, to make sure its a smooth coat, then do a couple layers of paint, make sure the paint doesnt run and drip because it will look awfull (been there done that lol), then finish with a couple layers of clear coat. it should look quite good when youve done