Painting a unicycle

Suppose one wanted to pain their unicycle.

What would be the best paint to use?

Would spray-paint work?
Any necessary sealants, clear coats?

Anyone else one would need to know?

Couldn’t find anything about this specifically using the search feature.


spray paint works. if you do use spray paint it is recomended you clear coat it a couple of times.
powder coating is probably the best way to do it though

i want to do mine also. i think that it would be neccesary to strip all the old paint off first though. like with a wire wheel or sander or something.

Hmm… how about “Spray-painting your uni”? Is that specific enough?

Yes, that is perfect. Thank you. I don’t think I searched spray painting, just painting. I’ll try harder in the future :stuck_out_tongue: