Painting a uni?

I know there has been many threads on this but how do you paint a uni?

Well, you need:
A uni

Apply paint, let dry… the end.

Well, if you could be more specific?

Re: Painting a uni?

if you there know has been many threads on this then why didn’t you use the SEARCH button?

(search for painting)

instead of getting upset over questions asked, why don’t we just be nice and answer the question. Maybe he/she is new to the site and doesn’t realize these questions have been posted before or that is even an option. I hope i’m not offending anyone in any way by saying this


thank you mfrobert finaly someone who agrees with me ther are so many people who get really angry when a question is asked more than once when really if your not going to give them advice shut your a hole find a different topic to to reply too :angry:

oh and for the topic um sand blast the frame primer it and see if a body shop will paint it for you