Painting a KH frame

Hi, I’ve got a KH29 frame my friend gave me which he doesn’t use anymore. I’m pretty sure he said it was one of the older frames with the KH logo in the middle instead of near the cranks. (I haven’t got it yet).

He said it is really badly scratched though, you can see white marks all over the frame, so I might respray it. However, I do quite like black-red combernation. I would like it something like this: ( ) with the black frame with the red seat, pedals, hub and clamp.

Anyone got an idea how spray paint it and paint the KH logo red? I think it would look far more professional with them red. then just paint over them.

That’s mine :slight_smile:

You could use decals. Find someone who prints you the KH-Logo on a clear decal and put the decals under clearcoat.
The other option is a stencil and to spray it. There are companies that laser cut stencils when you send them the image. The problem would be the letters K, s and o.
Or you find a good pinstriper who can paint the logo.

Just a related comment.

There was a finish for aluminium that was very popular in the 1970s. It was called “anodising”.

It used electric current with the aluminium item as the positive electrode (anode) to build up a relatively thick oxide surface. The oxide readily accepted dyes (as opposed to paints) and anodised objects came in a huge variety of colours.

I have not seen it used in a very long time. It scratched fairly easily though probably no more than paints of the day. Maybe paints got better or it just went out of fashion.

Many of the colored aluminum rims presently on the market are anodized

Except on apple products. ; )

Depends of what you want to do?
You can powder coat it, maybe 50 USD or you can spray paint it. Spray can paints have limitations in durability and looks but you can paint it the way you want it.

I have painted my KH29 using spray cans.

Sand, primer, coats and clear coat or in your case matte black and mate clear coat. If you want details let me know. I suggest you using Montana paint cans.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Or you could just do this ($4 and 10 minutes)

Or you could just do this, 10 minutes and $4