Painted.... Rust-resistant?

First, I will just say that I did search a lot before making this thread.

Second, this is probably a stupid question to ask:p

Does chrome rust more easily than painted surface? I want to get the chromed Nimbus II frame, but if it will rust more easily (causing it to be weaker) than a painted frame then I will go with the painted frame.

Thanks in advance.

First, No, chrome doesn’t rust, but the quality of the plating and it’s underlayment (usually nickle and/or copper, if any) can lead to rust. If the plating is thin enough the slightest brush can go through the plating and then you’ll get rust. So, just like a cheap paint job, a cheap plating will rust faster than a quality job. Of course how you treat it will have a great affect - if you keep it clean and wax it then chrome plating will last longer, just like paint.

So the smart question you need ask is; how good is the plating on the Nimbus II frame. :sunglasses:

Second, no, it’s not a stupid question, especially if you want your cycle to last longer and look better. They ain’t no stupid questions,:smiley: although I have heard some stupid answers.

I’d like to add that a uni frame is extremley unlikely to rust to the point of structural weakening. I left my nimbus II outside for 2 1/2 years and it started to show a little rust around the joints, but nothing I couldn’t have sorted out had I been so inclined.

Some people like to polish

Hartley has sold many a bike on the idea that their chrome is deep. Washing with a light hose and then waxing appeals to some folks, and will keep all but the cheap chrome jobs shiny forever.
I am lazy and like light stuff (alum won’t chrome). Polish, wax if you want.
I think many can’t help themselves. It’s all about looks. I can’t be bothered, yet it is certain that the wash- wax trip can preserve the new look.

My Nimbus II muni frame was starting to get a fair amount of surface rust, mostly around the welds, but some on the tubes. That’s why I had it powder coated. Like kington said, I think it would take a long time to rust to the point of weakness, even on Dartmoor, but it was starting to look pretty tatty (and I think chrome frames look cheap and nasty anyway).