Paint stripping and clear coats


I want to strip the red powdercoat off my cranks. I already know of a paint stripper to use, but I want to know if I need to use a clearcoat on the cranks after I strip the paint. I want the cranks a raw metal look. How well would a clearcoat hold up? Do I need one? If I do, what is a good brand or product?


You need a clear coat because your cranks are steel and that will rust if there is significant humidity or you get the cranks wet. It will still look raw, but weld burn marks and stuff like that won’t be visible like on the DH pro, because good clear coat is just that, clear. Be sure to do multiple (many) light coats.

Unless all a lot of your other dx parts are raw, it won’t match…at all.

Aesthetically I think it’d be a bad choice.

One thing to remember is that your feet and other objects rub the cranks all the time.

Its not just stock DX. It will have a black seatcover, a black seatpost, silver seatclamp, black nimbus frame, black/silver pedals, black tire black hub, silver cranks, and eventually a black rim.

Yeah I thouht about that. I’ve already worn through some of the powdercoat from my shoes rubbing and of course getting the cranks scratched. The little metal exposed right now hasn’t rusted, but I think that if the whole crank were raw metal it would rust.

I’ll do some shopping around for really heavy duty clear coat. If I can’t find any that will work, what other way could I make my crank shiny?