Paint Stripper Help

Okay, so I want to strip my 05 KH frame, but have a few questions.

  • Where do I get paint stripper? I’ve checked both Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire
  • What kind of safety protection should I wear (or if it is even required)
  • How far away I should spray it on (assuming I get it in a can)
  • And just like other things I haven’t mentioned, also which is best paint stripper

If someone could post pictures of there stripped frame, or the process, that would be great.


This stuff works well for taking off the KH paint. Ive tried strippers you can find in a common hardware store or home depot and have not had good results.
This is the only stuff that has worked the way it is supposed to.

Read the directions on the can for how to use properly and safely. Don’t take advice you get from someone on the internet for that.

Oh, well I don’t know if I want to actually order something online, what would you reccomend from Home Depot or like Rona or something?


Like I said I have not found anything from hardware stores that works well. I have used the most heavy duty strippers they carry. It will work, it takes much much longer, its super messy, and does not come out nearly as well as this stuff.

I am not sure why you would not want to purchase something online, you are getting a great item for a great price. Plus shipping is like mass transit, it is better for the environment.

But go ahead and get some zip strip and a couple throw away brushes from your hardware store and have at it.

I spent my precious time finding you a place in the US that carries this stuff and sells them single instead of having to buy a box, for nothing.

Wear thick rubber gloves, and a mask, even if one isn’t required. Avoid inhaling fumes, even if wearing a mask. Make sure all possible skin is covered. Paint stripper is NASTY stuff, that can and will burn your skin.

Most important, as already mentioned, READ THE DIRECTIONS!

What’d they tell you at Crappy Tire? Back when I was about 13 or so, we used to get this stuff in a can that you could just paint on. It was kind of goopy, we’d leave it on for a few minutes and it’d start stripping the paint off the frame of a bike. After a while we’d take an old rag and be able to pretty much wipe the frame clean before repainting it. Stuff worked marvelously. Very acidic and would burn the skin on contact. They sold it at Canadian Tire back then. Don’t know about now, though. :slight_smile: