paint ideas

What would happen if you Line-X/Duraline your unicycle? It is the spray one bead liner for trucks and suvs. i have one in my truck bed and it is tough. would there be any issues with doing this?

I dont know what duraline/x-line is, but my guess is that it would probably scratch/chip more easily than powdercoat
No harm in trying though, it wont be bad for the uni :slight_smile:

Translation: It is the spray-on bed liner for trucks and SUVs.
Wouldn’t that make your unicycle frame a lot thicker? I had the impression that it doesn’t go on in a very thin layer…

not really it is thin

I think that’s a great idea!

I had that liner sprayed on my last pickup; it was tough, went through a lot of abuse & still looked great. It’s not that thick of a coating.

Only problem I see is trying to get it off once you want to do the next paint job.


my truck had it and they said if you chip it they redo it for free

i am taking it in tomorrow for the treatment

post some pictures when it’s done :wink:
what colour are you getting? how much is it costing? :stuck_out_tongue:

It will add a lot of weight.

its going to be black and about 50usd

Well if you want the equivalent of dipping your uni in plastic, I guess that’s one way to go. Make sure your bearing holder and seat tube are protected in some way when they spray.

you just tape them off and the rim is getting it to

Just wanted to make sure you had considered that. Be sure to post up pictures when it’s done.

man yo paint will be hella thik!

i cant put like a 3in tire on it but it will lastlonger than a week