paint color luxus 26 inch

I’m new on this forum but I ride for 2 years. I have a 26 inch qu-ax luxus and I would paint this unicycle because is really not beautiful. It’s easy to choose the color for a 20 inch unicycle but for 26 inch, I don’t know what color can be fun.
Any idea ? :roll eyes:
thanks :slight_smile:

ps : my qu-ax has a kris holm wheel so the unicycle a good face but the frame is au-ax luxus
ps 2 : I’m not a girl. It can be important for color :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi piti :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum.
I’ve only ever painted one frame and I made a right mess :roll_eyes:
so I sticker bombed it :smiley:

Go with one colour, if you don’t like it, try another.

Don’t forget to post pics :slight_smile:

There, that fixed it! :smiley:

Yeah, it’s possible to get nice results from a spray can but it takes some of time and effort and know-how. Not as easy as the TV commercials make it seem! I haven’t painted a uni frame but I’ve done rims and lots of other stuff over the years, and made lots of mistakes and messes along the way too. But you have to start somewhere.

There have been nice results from frames that were powder coated too.

People notice the overall color scheme more than the color of the frame, so think about how it works with the seat, pedals, etc. you’re using. A contrasting mixture like a flat black or olive or desert tan frame with neon color pedals and seatpost clamp gets attention.

It’s your personal statement and it’s really up to you. I doubt there’s any color that’s hasn’t been used on a uni yet. Some manly men choose pink, although maybe that was more of a thing a couple of decades ago. Search for the old “Custom [Kris Holm/Impact/Koxx/etc] Unicycle” threads if you want more ideas.

Of course, everything looks better with a flame job…

not a girl? That doesn’t have anything to do with color. : )
boys used to be brought up to age in pink dresses, people forget that.

check out a local shop that does powdercoating! You can get pretty crazy stuff, or tame stuff. Black with pearlescent rainbow flake in it? Sure!

A word of caution: don’t paint the inside of the bearing holders or it may not fit back on the wheel.

Unigeezer had a tutorial of painting a frame somewhere around, can always look that up. He did a pretty awesome desert camo.

Thank you for all your answers . I wanted to do it with a spray, otherwise I think it’s very complicated.
My unicycle is all black at the moment so I wanted to put a little color .
LargeEddie : Thank you for the name of the thread , I’ll be able to find good ideas :slight_smile:
And as you say Alucard , I could change color if it does not please me .
And thank you to juggleaddict for things not to do, it will prevent me from doing silly things.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m so happy to show you my frame paint in electric blue ! There are small defects but I’m proud of myself :slight_smile:

But I lost my lungs and my eyes with paint …^^


You should be proud! It looks real nice! :sunglasses:

thanks MuniOrBust ! :slight_smile: I thought the blue would be darker but ultimately it makes really good :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 on that, great job!


Yes, that looks great. Ride it with pride!

I really like that frame. It looks really nice.

Finally, I found someone else who thinks this. Don’t get me wrong, Qu-Ax makes good strong unicycles, but there design is not.
I have a Qu-Ax Profi (20"), and I removed the front sticker which says “Only one - But Fun”. Qu-ax makes adult unicycles, but they are too childish. There manuals as well are really childish, looks like they belong to a childrens toy.

Very nice!
Did you use a few layers of clear coat to protect the new paint job?

First when I read this, I thought: “omg, not blue, don’t we have enough blue frames from KH?” But when I see the picture I must say: great paintjob, it really looks nice! This is a really beautiful blue

If you take the standard/beginner unicycles of Qu-Ax, this might be true. But you can’t compare them to KH. And the standard ones of nimbus look nearly the same.
But look at their QX series unicycles. I like their design much more than the KH or nimbus.

Ahahah there manuals ! But I like their unicycles !

Big dilem because I would like to protect a minimum the paint but if I protect with clear coat, it will be more difficult to change the color after. So for the moment I don’t know …

I think that the problem with qu-ax is the name of website. It’s really looks like an adverstisement with “www. … .com”. On a nimbus or KH there are just the name. In fact, it’s a matter of taste :slight_smile: