Painful falls...

I’m interested in how many painful falls have really happen and how bad. I know there are some bone breakers but this is bad.

I was riding to a friends and I have to go between a bar and convience store for the shortcut. It was damp out and a little slippery, but I didn’t know it was slippery… I turned the corner to go between the buildings and lawl and behold I slipped down a ridge, tried catching myself with a back pedal, and ended up going quite quickly face first into the bumper of an illegaly parked SUV. Didn’t even have time to put my hands out. I stood up and wobled to the building and stood against it a bit, out of it. Although it was a bad fall, I look back about a month and laugh. And to top it off. I got SOAKED from where I landed.



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I tried a rolling hop-gap from a ladder bridge to a dirt tranny about 6 feet in
front of me. I tried to bail at the last second and ended up casing the
landing. My feet came off the pedals and I was catipaulted head first about 10
feet into a log. I cracked my helmet, blacked out for a second or 2 and had a
gash in my shoulder. Dan got it all on tape too…


ouch !

do you happen to have the video?

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yep,he’s still breaking stuff :smiley:

My most painfull fall so far was when I was first learning. I tried a free-mount, and I fell forward and smacked my head on a thistle plant. Ouch ouch ouch.

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>do you happen to have the video?

No, I dont, Dan Heaton does…


My most painful fall was just the other day.

I was practicing going to wheel walking from riding. I was doing pretty good until I rammed my foot between the wheel and the frame. This obviously slowed me down, so natural refexes say to use you other foot to make you keep your speed up. I guess the combination my my right foot “power walking” and my left foot getting un-stuck at the same time was not good. It was like those cartoons where the guy floats for a little bit then falls straight down. That’s what it seemed like. Uni like 10 feet in front of me while I am falling onto my butt, feet, and hands. Really hard. It hurt to sit for a few days.

In fact, it still hurts.

I had a very painful fall that encouraged me to finally get the Roaches that i have today.
I was muniing and i was powering through a rock bed. I was going pretty hard, when all of a sudden my muni hit a rock that it just couldnt handle. I fell really hard and my right knee hit a rock head on right in that spot that hurts the most.

my worst is putting a 2 1/2 inch bone-deep gash into my leg.

the pedal did it through my roaches after a particularly harsh fall.

that’ll teach me to do 24inch trials :slight_smile:

I’m still carrying a sprained wrist about 2 months after a fall when I was riding the MUni on a low wall and failed to negotiate the corner.

Previously, I skinned both knees and both elbows in a high speed Coker dismount.

Other than that, I don’t think I’ve had more than minor bruises in 17 years of riding.

It’s a safe sport unless you want to make it dangerous.