Painful Bail Video

Finally Bungle put my Crawley convention bail video up on youtube (gah). There’s a some swearing, cos I’d just hit the floor… well you’ll see. Needless to say it’s still stopping me from riding properly, and this was 2 months ago.



EDIT: Look for the short Jeff Groves cameo. He was making me feel soooo much better :p.

2 questions:

  1. Why did you fall?
  2. Where were you?

I’m sure that gk would really enjoy watching Jackass.

Ouch… I didnt see the crash but I wasnt too far behind. I fell off my coker at exactly the same place but was lucky enough to manage to run out of it. Bad luck! Ironic that of the two people, i.e. those on cokers, who should have owned the unicycle race (in my case out of pure wheel size, not skill) neither of us finished. Oh well, next year I guess…

Ha, I’m sorry rich but that fall takes the biscuit. Glad your alright but haha, that fall! :stuck_out_tongue:

I love what Jeff says “oooohhh, that looks painfull…”

Sucks that it still hurts, but atleast someone filmed it haha. :wink:

Thats me. The Romans used to watch Gladiators being mauled by lions, victorians watched public hangings. Even today, America lets Families watch the people who have done wrong get the Death penalty. This is not to mention videos like Jackass, CKY, Haggard, Dirty Sanchez, You’ve been Framed and many, many, many more.



Re: Painful Bail Video

gkmac <> writes:

> Really? If you ever have the misfortune to get that kind of injury that
> physically cripples you for some time, you’ll hate it. Will you still
> put up with people laughing at you about it?

You have two choices when you get hurt: You can laugh or you can cry.
Crying doesn’t help, so I prefer to laugh, and if my friends want to
laugh, that’s fine too. There is a difference between laughing in the
face af adversity (yours or others) and laughing out of meanness.

By the way, I consider myself qualified to comment: Too many UPDs on
concrete weakened a sesamoid bone (big toe) which eventually broke and
sidelined me for the better part of a year; then, this spring, I fell
skating on my rollerblades, resulting in a torn knee and broken thumb;
and last I landed on the handlebars of my bicycle and broke a rib or

I hope you don’t mind my getting a little philosophical for a moment,
but I worry a little about what you said about hating injuries.
Learning to accept the fact that we all deteriorate (sooner or later,
quickly or gradually), and looking at all the good things that remain
in our lives are lessons many of us can benefit from.


I can’t think of many better ways of getting over it. The injury’s already happened and it’ll heal at the same rate whatever happens. A few weeks off riding isn’t really that serious (however it seems at the time(. Most people are actually sympathetic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see the funny side.


Exactly hw fast were you going?

you musta been cruisin’. That did look very painful, but it is a pretty funny crash.

Hey all!

Firstly to Gavin, of course its annoying to have this injury that stops me from doing everything I want, but I think the distinction is between being laughed at cos they think you’re an idiot and don’t understand why you’d even consider riding a uni, and laughed at because it was genuinely funny.

I wasn’t wearing any safety gear, I was being cocky, I was going far too fast, and I ended up on my face. I ended up totally unharmed. This is funny for several reasons, mosty its ironic, and amazing that all I suffered were cuts and bruises. I don’t mind unicyclists laughing at me for being stupid, other people who don’t understand would annoy me tho.

However, your concern is touching and I’d like to reassure you that not only did I learn a valuable lesson, I will also (hopefully) be able to avoid a similar incident in the future. You live & learn :p.

To the others who want to know ALL the gory details:

The course is a circle around a roundabout outside the theatre, and I fluffed the mount, so I was starting at the back, going considerably slower than the 20’s (cos thats what the schlumpf does until its up to speed). The first half is downhill so I picked up speed rapidy, and by 1/4 of the way round I began to pass other riders. I was past the majority by about the 2/3rd mark, where the course starts to curve uphill again. I was about equal with Roger when we came round past a tent and there was a young boy stood in the road. Roger swerved to avoid (on a 20"), and I (travelling at around 18mph) swerved to keep a decent distance between us. I didn’t have to move, he had plenty of room, but I was going considerably faster than him so I chose to play it safe (:p). At this point I think my schlumpf slowed due to the uphill and the corrective wiggle, and I didn’t, and I overtook it. I flew for about 10-15ft before hitting the floor, so far in fact that my schlumpf never caught me up before coming to rest and in the video never enters the frame, despite me being in the air as I enter shot. My right knee hit the floor first, followed by both arms and my left shoulder. I remember conciously trying to keep my head off the floor (at the expense of my other limbs) cos if I blacked out I wouldn’t be able to get my expensive unicycle off the track and out of everyones way. This worked for the most part, except I bounced after the initial impact and the rebound forced my head onto the tarmac. Dazed and confused I managed to get to my feet, hobbled to my uni and pulled it off the course, then sat down on the grass about 3ft away (where most of the rest of the video takes place). After that it was just the usual random first aidy stuff, someone got some ice and water, I had a drink, Roger, Tony Melton, Jeff, Amanda, everyone came over to see how many bones I’d broken, and laughed at how fortunate I was… Then a few minutes later I sat in a comfy chair and watched the rest of the games ;).


This video is awesome!! well done for the good editing bungle! makes it so much funnier everytime! its a shame i was so slow that i missed out on seeing it for real! :stuck_out_tongue: although i was there to give some first aid - that makes me feel like i have the right to laugh now :smiley: shame about the ongoing pain and the scars, but hey, what do you expect when you ride a unicycle like that?!

Anna (and Carla - look for the socks!)

Nice work Mr Moose - in future though I think more thought should go into the camera angles or multiple cameras although it was a nice touch to see you appear round the corner in a unicycle race without a unicycle - glad to hear your ok as well

Well said Amanada & John - theres very few things that help remove pain better than laughter

I’ve heard few more stupid things in my life - So this is the lady who had probably spent all day fixing up people - she was then fixing up you so that you could go out and do it again - you made her smile - you should be proud of that - I can’t think why people think that there is a problem with violence against health professionals in the NHS with this kind of attitude - its seems that you may have some anger issues you might need to work through.

When all said and done its hardly surprisng that people find us amusing - we ride unicycles which is in itself quite funny, but its more that to them its not the norm - be gratefull you can lift a little of the mundane from the lifes of others weighed down by the daily drudge and whether they’re laughing with you or at you you’ve just got to roll with it as life’s to short.

To help with the laughter - I’ll relate a short story - last week I was at the building supplies very early - loaded up my van one of the sliding doors was open so I gave it a sharp push but somehow the door closed quickly and I got my thum stuck in it - damn, that wasn’t part of my plan - but the door was properly shut with my thumb in it and due to my position I couldn’t reach the handle to unlock it - the pain was indescribable but the ridiculousness of the situation being stuck in a nearly empty carpark held prisoner by a sliding door wasn’t lost on me either there was one other person in the car park so in a high pitched voice I managed to convince him that to come over and unlock the door - once he was happy that I’d not severed a thumb he was almost bursting to laugh - myself likewise and everyone else I’ve told the story too. Laughter is great, long may my life be filled with it although there are easier way to laugh than shutting your thumb in a door :slight_smile:

Might just go and watch Richards video once more

Roland (with a very black thumb)

I saw the accident first hand, as he came round the corner he appeared to be unseated and the unicycle was twisting left and right violently. I remember thinking “he’s going to be lucky to hold on to that” and my prophecy was confirmed a couple of seconds later when he got thrown off the top. Alot of people were really concerned afterwards. Ironically of the three people from our group racing smouty won on the giraffe.

You need to proper chill the funk out, man.

Because he is obviously ok now, just roughed up a wee bit. At the time you don’t know if he’s scraped his knee or broke his neck, so of course you would be concerned.

If he had landed really bad and was now crippled or something you wouldn’t laugh, but cos he just got wee scrapes it’s funny. It looked bad but was ok, so you laugh at him and call him daft, lucky even. Then laugh again. He’ll be laughing too.

Did you spend the whole time miserable and pissed off about it? Man, that must have been a shit time. You’ve gotta laugh these things off.

I’ve been in such situations from unicyce falls twice (wrist then collarbone) and once ages ago I fell off a bmx and ended up with both arms in plaster right up to the thumbs, so all I had was eight fingers. I couldn’t do anything for myself but I had a good time laughing with folk at my situation.

Nobody is laughing at you and thinking “you’re a dick”, they’re just laughing and thinking “you’re a daftie”. There’s no offence or malice meant by it.

At least that’s how it seemed to me.

So aye, like I said man chill out.


why did things go so wrong there?

It’s funny. I go out every thursday night and ride my freestyle 20 and my giraffe with some local jugglers and we have a couple people in the group who are learning. Everyone wears a helmet but me because I am WAY smarter than they are. Last week a lady walked by and said to one of the other riders. “wow, i think you are one of the smart ones” and then turned to me and said “pretty stupid, you should be wearing a helmet young man”

I shrugged it off because I know better and now watching this video reaffirms the fact that anything can happen, at any time.
Pretty sure next Thursday I will be wearing my helmet.


you know richard i did come over because i was generally concerned for you. i just happened to be holding my video camera…