Pain when riding


Got my son a unicycle. He has BAD pain in “groin” when trying to ride. He’ll never learn to ride if this is the case. Are some seats a problem? Is there some trick for boys and men that we missed in the little ‘how-to’ booklet? Please advise. I really want to see him learn this. He’s a hard worker and was very game, but now is unwilling to get on the thing…

it depends… if there is ‘crushing’ pain, then that is an immediate kind of problem…haha… the trick is to get on the seat such that the front is made to push the jewels up and out of the way, before you sit on them…

otherwise, if it’s just the numbing kind of pain from sitting directly on that cluster of blood vessels, it can help to change the seat angle to help put pressure elsewhere. keeping hte seat low enough to allow ‘standing’ on the pedals to give your crotch a break is important too. and one can also push down on the nose of the seat while riding to help keep weight more on the butt.

also, the seat matters a lot. my KH velo saddle is muy comfy, after some fiddling and getting used to. plenty of comfort for muni or short cruises. worst case scenario, if even a nice saddle isn’t soft enough, there is the option for an airseat, which allows for the insertion of a small tire tube into the saddle, which can be filled with air to provide a very soft type of cushioning.

part of that pain just needs getting used to. that’s a fairly soft sensitive area that um, needs some toughening up. unless of course he’s actaully sitting on his dangly bits. then he need to learn to lift those to the front so he’s not directly on them.

tell him to stand on the pedals…that’s where his weight has to be. NOT on his groin… cause it’s not his groin that’s helping him stay on the thing, it’s his feet.

Most people would tell you to keep your weight on the seat while learing. Like everyone else has said put them in front, not under.

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yes…but if you’re putting it on your “sensitive” place you’d be better off putting wieght on your feet. I think we can all agree on that.

You want about 80% of your weight on the seat. :slight_smile:

Yes, you definitely need to be able to sit down comfortably to learn to ride. So what kind of seat are we talking about. Is it a new unicycle, or old? Plastic bumpers or metal bars? All seats are not created equal.

But definitely it’s important to figure out the sitting part. My dad had a problem with that every time he tried. No, we are not all steel-crotched supermen. :slight_smile:

Get him some cycling shorts with the padding in the butt. They will help a lot with this problem. has cycling shorts for $29.00 that are terrific.

Thank You!

Between the replies on this page and the links to past posts on the topic my son is good to go. Yesterday he made progress by finding a higher curb to begin from, thus shifting his weight to a better position. Today, (his second session with the uni) he stayed up for about half the width of the street (with no helmet… sigh, another topic) :roll_eyes: .

I have forwarded all replies and those on the link pages. Also, I sent him the link to this forum and recommend that he join. Thanks again.

A lot of kids are wearing boxer shorts now. Those don’t go well with unicycling.

Have your son wear some snug briefs. That will help. He does not need expensive, padded bicycle shorts to start learning to ride a unicycle.