Pain in the tailbone

I’ve been riding for 10 years, and used to use my unicycle for pretty much every journey, every day, whether it was shopping, getting to work, whatever.
But for the past three years I’ve had occasional pains in my tailbone. The pain is definately linked to my migraines which I’ve had for about 15 years, as the tailbone pain immeadiately follows the headache. Unfortunately the tailbone pain lasts for up to two weeks at a time.
I wonder whether any other long term unicyclists have experienced intermitent tailbone pains? I haven’t had any big crashes where I’ve landed heavily on my tailbone, but I have been riding a lot for ten years. At the moment, I’m limiting myself to riding my unicycle once a week, but it’s a bit tricky to work out whether it’s having any beneficial effects on my tailbone.
If anybody else has experienced any thing similar, or has any advice, please let me know!
(PS I ride a miyata with an air seat conversion)
(PPS Maybe i should buy an ultimate wheel?! Any good makes to look out for!)

I don’t know why just riding would cause pain in the tailbone. I’ve had that before, but after falling on it. I guess go to the doctor would be my only piece of advice.
Or you could try an ultimate wheel. I don’t have any experience with those, though, so I don’t know if they’re as practical as uni’s.

Re: Pain in the tailbone

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>But for the past three years I’ve had occasional pains in my tailbone.

What makes you think that it is uni-related? It might well be a
separate issue, in which case refraining from your daily uni rides is
unnecessary cautious. I agree with James that a visit to the doctor is
in order. Good luck!

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I would consult a chiropractor first. Your spine is probably out of alignment, causing pressure on a nerve somewhere. I have that problem and this works for me. It could also help with your migranes.

My thanks to those who replied. Glad to find out that so far, no other unicyclists have the same problem.
Yes, I don’t think the tail bone pain is directly caused by unicycling. However, I think unicycling might aggravate an existing pain in this area.
I’m off to the doctor, the chiropractioner and the osteopath! Hope to be back on the unicycle soon.