Pain in fingers *Starting trials riding*

Hi Guys, some of you may remember i got my KH20 last Thursday, anyhow I have started jumping onto a palet sitting on bricks which is high for me and im having a good time with it but this morning i went out and had a go but when i came back my fingers on my right hand (pulling/jumping/hopping grabbing??) where all really sore. Theres no bruising or redness it just feels really really painful and if i try jumping on my uni my hands hert heaps. I am not wearing gloves or anything. Any ideas? On my previous cheap uni from ebay i didn’t get this problem but now with my KH20 (07) im feeling alot of pain. Any suggestions or anyone else with the same problem? Most of the pain is onto of the fingers in between the middle and the knuckle. My other hand is fine but i cant grab/hop/jump with that hand as of yet. Thanks guys

BUmb anyone?

I had a thread on this a while ago…
Just take a rest or dont go as hard for a few days and it’ll go away and never return… its just your arm/hand getting used to new pressures:)

I don’t think its the saddle, but maybe you aren’t used to hopping as much as you are. It didn’t happen to me with my hands, but it happened with my thighs against the seat… Now my thighs don’t bother me when I ride.

If you are hopping seat in, then it is likely that you are just not used to it yet, and if you are hopping seat in front, then you might be doing it wrong, or in a way that is harmful to your hand. I dont see a necessary reason to do SIF on such a small ledge though.

Basically, I just think its a matter of getting used to it. The more you ride, the less it will hurt, but give it a day or two before you try hopping higher than you are comfortable with.

My guess is more the handle… chances are his learner didnt have a handle so the force of being able to pull up on a handle is different to just the seat (you are more likely to apply more pressure to a handle).

Are you using two hands to jump or one.
If you are using two your fingers may be getting cramped afterward from having two hands in the handle.
whether or not you get cramps from this depends on how big you hands and fingers are also

I have moderately big hands for my age. I jump with 1 hand SI. I guess its just getting use to it.

I used to get sore fingers all the time even with gloves on but once i got some calluses and waited for them to heal my hands havent been sore.My fingers are all toughened up for trials now so it is definately just getting used to it.

Wear gloves. I used to get finger pains and I still do occasionally when I don’t wear gloves. When I wear they I don’t have any issues except just getting tired.

ok will do thanks guys.