Pain from seat out

Hi i have really started to get into seat out hops and they are getting on par with seat in now,but i find the bumpers on my kh rub my legs and it’s really started to hurt is this bad technique or is there something i can do?also my hands hurt from holding the saddle is there any way of putting some padding on?

Same problem here. I currently hold it in the middle. Should I hold it further back?

when i started to learn seat out hopping, i changed my seat height. i found that to get the maximum height seat in hopping, the seat would have to be at an uncomfortable height for seat out hopping. i was too low and it was rubbing on my upper legs and i was abit hunched over, so i just played around with the seat height untill i found a good height.
i hope this helps.


yes, when i started seat out hopping i raised the seat too. i think your upper body should be able to be almost totally straight, and as for hurting my hand, i got some gloves.

Thinuniking: Sometimes I too find that my KH saddle digs into my hand near the last joint on my middle finger, but rarely. I also notice that on moves on off-camber surfaces the seat can be ripped out of my hand by a hard landing. The problem with KH saddles is that the rib where the colored cloth is is too short, meaning you grip the seat way high on your fingers. This isn’t as good as miyata, but you get used to it. Part of this for me was that some nice calluses formed on my fingers so that there’s more natural cushion. I also use 3/4 finger gloves, but they don’t provide any padding where I grab the seat. My hands only hurt if I do big hops repeatedly or have bad timing on my hop. For example, today I was going for a 28" hop and I jumped and pulled just a bit too early, and it started to hurt because I pulled up on both the uni and my legs, which hurt. It also can be a bit painful when I do rock trials because there are lots of off-camber surfaces where you have to pull harder on the seat. The best solution for finger pain is to practice seat out more, so you can relax your grip on the saddle. As for the legs, you just have to develope your technique to the point where your thighs aren’t used to balance the seat, only your hand.
Would you be so kind as to use punctuation and capitalization? I find your posts contain substance and often ask good questions such as the one above, but I have a hard time reading them and often don’t fully undersatand them. So please, could you use some more punctuation?

Kc: The hand should grip the saddle seat out on a KH saddle where the colored cloth is. Near the middle is way to far up. My pinky often touches the rear bumber to give you a better idea. This change should make seat out way easier.

Seat height: Don’t bother taking any advice on seat height past a certain point. Anything will work. Way high and the disadvantage is during big hops you often have to lift the seat up past your head, which makes you run the risk of clipping your neck on the seat after you land it. I’ve done this, and it hurts. Not to mention, wiht the seat to high you often have to go seat out for drops and have a much harder time putting the seat back after going seat out. Also, with the seat way high on big seat out gaps you can end up slamming your chest into the seat when you land. This can happen even with a low seat, though. With the seat too low the biggest problem is the hunching of the back. You have to bend way over to reach the seat and this makes bigger hops harder because your weight starts lower so you have to physically jump your upper body higher. Not much of a concern. Another issue with low seats is that when seat in stillstands and rail rides can be harder, because when you stand up the seat can actually bounce back and forth between your legs, which will be strange. Also, a low seat makes seat out stillstands harder. The advantage to a low seat lies in the ability to lift the uni seat in and seat out higher, and the ability to crunch down more on big gaps. Whichever you pick, remember, if your pulling way hard on the seat, bend over more. You should have a very relaxed grip on the saddle. Try doing a small seat out hop while holding without using your thumb or palm. Or just remember that your elbow shoudl have a bit of bend in it when your seat out, and if it doesn’t you aren’t bent over enough.

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Yeah really sorry about the punctuation it’s not my strong point anyway.I also wrote this rather quickly.I have full finger gloves and I ride with the saddle pretty high anyway, the reason I suggested I may have bad technique was when I have watched videos they seem to have the saddle further away from the body.That day I had been doing natural trials that might of been it.I had also been doing everything seat out as I really want to get that higher,though I already feel more controled then seat in.I have only really just started doing seat out with in the pass 2/3 weeks but little ride time due to exams and stuff.I think part of the problem might be I don’t pre hop enough,when iIdo seat in i pretty much get all the hight from the pre hop.Where as seat out it seems to be all me.I was thinking about gluing some padding to the edge of the saddle sometime as well good idea? Also I did think about trimming the bumpers up a bit to?
I think the pain in the fingers is because I hold the seat to tight.
(punctuation may not be perfect but i made an effort)

Now that I think of it I may have already been wearing gloves so… I remember seat out hopping being painful and uncomfortable when I first did it, but it’s something that got easier over time. It helps if you can ride seat out pretty well.

dont listen to bevan he’s a nerd!!! hoo cares about punctuation
were cycling shorts thats what i did when i got the rash I helps alot And for your hand glue a short peice of gerden or air hose
if that doesent help stop unicycling. just kidden get a carbin air seat with kinnport hanndle that might make it a little easire to hold.

good luck

Thanks but that sounds uncomfortable for riding.I do need to sort out spelling i am doing an english exam in a few day scarness!

Prehops don’t really make much of a difference with hopping pain. And they don’t really do all that much for height for me (others may have different experiences). I can only hop about 1" higher with a prehop. Zack’s advice about the garden hose, however ill-said, is good. It makes a ton of difference, but on KH saddles there isn’t as much space to put the hose. The cf airseat with Kinport bumbers won’t help without the hose, I rode Zack’s seat like that and it hurt a lot! Even Zack complained!


Zack: ya, spelling and punctuation suck, but you home school, so you don’t have to worry about a teacher who will give you a referral for putting a comma in the wrong spot. Also, if you want people to read your posts or take you seriously, you’d press the extra 2 buttons on your keyboard.