Pain for Pleasure

I’ve made a trailer for my up and coming video. We won’t have time to get more footage for a while, so I thought I might as well make a short video for fun. The qualitys poor because I made it on windows movie maker, but the real vid will be made on a more high tech program. Hope you enjoy. And yes it does have BMX in it, but I don’t have any other unicyclist to ride with.

Haha I was going to say you needed some dramatic music at the start but then I realised the volume on my computer was really low. Anyway cool vid. That b!ker’s awesome!

nice in both sports! i wish i was that good of a bmx rider(i suck at tricks:o )

itll be cool to see the full length!!

Awesome video editing! How long have you been riding? You are really good. That bmx rider was good too but thats alot easier to do.

:slight_smile: nice video and very good riders!

Thanks for the comments

I’ve been riding for about 5 months now, and my friend has been riding bmx for about 3 years. The full length video will be much better, hopefully we will have it out by Christmas. My riding will also be better because a few days ago I switched to SIF instead of SI.