Paging Jaguar and Rhysling...

What size shirts do you want?

i better go with XL just to be safe,unless XL is gigantic then ill go with L cause i dont want it to look like a dress.

how are you paying for all these shirts?


Its a good will measure straight from my pocket. I’m asking $10 a shirt to cover the cost of shipping ($4 a shirt to the US) and the cost of the shirts themselfs (another $5) you add tax and you get $10 a shirt. As you can see its non profit like I have always said. If I take a loss on this one it happens, and probably will. But I hope that you kind fellow riders will support my efforts and throw a few bucks my way. I’ll be sending each of you my personal info so you can stalk me, or send me money.


Re: Paging Jaguar and Rhysling…

Damn mike, I still haven’t sent out my shirts, Damn. I’ll try to do it



Damn! -a Killer shirt and a license to stalk -for $10 !!! Talk about a cheap date. Make mine a LARGE, kind Sir -and if you decide to make another run bearing a gun-toting unicycle vigilanty, a Wrath of Mercyless Justince on One Wheel, I’ll have one for little Sophie, godess of destruction at 2.5.


if Rysling is going with a L then i better too.

da Bobsy twins?


well,what? hes bigger than me at least in the photos i see.if its to late and you bought them already Checkernuts,i’ll just use it a my new pajama top…

Paging XL and L…

Measurements, please!

Pictures lie.

Unless it’s a picture of each of you holding a 20" uni against your chest.

Children held near one’s chest do not count as universal T-shirt size designators.

Don’t be so self-deprecating, Jagur!

Are we talk’n about the bikini briefs I ordered?


T-shirts. T-SHIRTS!

Absolutely no comment.