Paging anyone from NYC

Hey all, Me and Mrs Sofa, who have never been to New York, are planning on going there this summer for the weekend (it;s only a 3-6 hour drive away) for the weekend, to ‘see the sites’

I am wondering if there is anybody on this board that meet the following criteria…

A)someone for Sofa to urban trials ride with for a few hours

B)has a wife/girlfriednd/aquaintance that could spend a few hours showing Mrs. Sofa the ‘girl’ sites while the boys are out riding…malls, shopping, etc…

Thanks, hope to see someone there!

There is a New York City unicycle club- although loose affiliation of like-minded people might be a better term. They meet in Central Park about twice a month on the weekend assuming good weather.

I believe that there are probably around three or four trials riders; the others are into free style, distance, or casual riding/learning. The Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park during the summer has a festival like atmosphere with capoiera performers, percussion ensemble groups, dancers, musicians, food vendors, skaters, bikers, and tourists.

The club is still young and is basically as chaotic and spontaneous as its setting. Although the meetings officially start at around 1 PM and finish at about daybreak, some people roll in some time in the morning and some people arrive around dusk.

If I recall correctly, the club meets on the first Sunday and third Saturday of each month.

Anyway, it’s possible to spend the whole day in just Central Park. The other thing to note is that it’s very possible to get into trouble with urban trials riding in the City.

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